Bobbi Brown Sparkle Eyeshadow Dupe!

I think any makeup fiend has a love streak for Bobbi Brown. I mean, why wouldn’t you?

Everything from the sleek black packaging to the beautiful products makes me want everything that they offer – but the price tags are pretty hefty to say the least!

I’ve been obsessed with the Sparkle Eyeshadow in Ballet, and, after some drugstore snooping, I came across a pretty good dupe which I’m sharing today!

bobbi brown sparkle eyeshadow bobbi brown sparkle eyeshadow

Here’s my guilty pleasure!

Ballet is such a gorgeous colour and the chunky glitter gives such a beautiful effect on the lids!

Because the shade is quite subtle it goes with just about anything – let’s just say I’ve definitely got my wear out of it!

This eyeshadow cost me about £23, which is crazy expensive for such a little pan, I’m sure you’ll agree! No matter how beautiful the shade might be, the price tag is ridiculous (sorry Bobbi Brown, but it is!).

Oh, here’s a swatch too!

bobbi brown sparkle eyeshadow

Anyway, let’s get onto the dupe shall we?

mua shimmer highlighter mua shimmer highlighter

So my dupe is the MUA Undress Your Skin Shimmer Highlighter (bit of a mouthful), and before you all go nuts I know that this isn’t supposed to be an eyeshadow! The thing is, although I do use it on the cheekbones I much prefer to use a liquid highlighter on my skin. I just think that they look much more natural, and last longer too!

Seeing as I wasn’t using this much I started using it as an eyeshadow and get far more use out of it. It’s so similar to Bobbi Brown Ballet but with more shimmer instead of glitter, and the colour is ever so slightly different. It does give an extremely similar effect on the lids though!

Best of all, this is ONLY 3 POUNDS! Come on, I’m sure saving £20 can’t be a bad thing?

Here they are swatched side-by-side, with Ballet on the left and the MUA highlighter on the right:

bobbi brown eyeshadow dupe bobbi brown eyeshadow dupe

So, tell me – would you rather spend £23… or £3?

Although the Bobbi Brown eyeshadow is flipping gorgeous and I treasure it, I would recommend saving those pennies to spend on something that you can’t get any cheaper!

What’s your favourite eyeshadow at the moment?

sshhbeauty x

13 thoughts on “Bobbi Brown Sparkle Eyeshadow Dupe!

  1. Pingback: Gregory Smith
    1. The MUA highlighter is available in Superdrug – and it is quite difficult to get hold of as it’s part of the new range and is really popular!
      Looking forward to future posts from you!


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