How to completely cover a blemish | How-to Tuesday

Hi again, everyone.

I’ve decided to create How-to Tuesdays, which will be little step by step posts most Tuesdays in which I’ll help you guys solve annoying beauty dilemmas that you might have.

Anyway, onto this week’s post! I’m going to be telling you guys how to completely cover a blemish or a scar. We all have bad skin days, so it’s important to know exactly how to cover up a problem – today, I’ll tell you how you can do that.


I generally use concealer, but if you choose to do this then it’ll have to be the exact same shade as your skin tone – no darker and definitely no lighter! You don’t need to invest in anything pricey; a light-coverage concealer will look the most natural. Make sure not to go for a highlighting concealer – it’ll just draw attention to the problem – and also don’t choose a super heavy one because it’ll look cakey and again, draw attention to the place you’re trying to cover.
If you want to then you can use foundation instead of concealer, which I always do when I’m tanned and all of my concealers are too light for me.


My biggest tip here is this – you’re going to need a brush. A dense one, if possible. They give the most natural finish. Don’t use your finger because you’ll smudge all of the product away and also make the area red from rubbing at it. Also don’t apply product directly to the problem – dab a little blob onto the back of your hand. Then you want to pat the brush into it, lightly so you don’t pick up too much, and pat it over the blemish. Remember that you can always apply more! The less you add the better it will look in the end.


You’ve gone to all of this trouble trying to cover up this irritating area – so you’ll be a bit miffed if all of the product comes away and you’re spot is exposed to the public. The only way to stop this is to seal over it with any powder. I’d recommend carrying that powder with you to top up on as the day goes on.

That’s my first how-to post! I hope I’ve helped some of you on how to completely cover a problem naturally. If you’ve got any beauty questions that you’d like me to write as a future how-to post, make sure that you let me know in the comments, or tweet me @sshhbeauty !

17 thoughts on “How to completely cover a blemish | How-to Tuesday

  1. Great post! I agree on the concealer part! I have been telling my friends to STOP using concealer that’s lighter than their skin color to conceal! And the collection concealer is a GREAT concealer! Love it!


    1. Thank you! And I know, it just draws attention to the area! You can prove your point now at least haha. I love the collection concealer too! x


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