Feeling confident about how you look | Lifestyle chat

Today is going to be the first post of a series that I want to start – lifestyle chats. Just posts every now and then about issues that you might have, that I have tips on and want to share. I’m going to try and do these as often as I can, in the hope that I can benefit some of you, in some way!

Today’s lifestyle chat is going to be about feeling confident about how you look. I hope that this helps some of you!

Things we like and things we don’t

We all have things about ourselves that we don’t like – our nose, maybe, or our figure. It’s so easy to get self-conscious about these little things, and it’s also easy to forget about our best features.

So instead of getting hung up over things that we dislike, why not make the things that we do like more bold and noticeable?

For example, if you like your eyes, find an eyeshadow that really brings out the colour of them!

If it’s your hair that you like, why not search on YouTube for a new hairstyle or buy a new accessory?

If you like your smile, treat yourself to a new MAC lipstick to make them look even better.

See? It makes sense to bring more attention to those things that you like.

As for the features that you don’t like, let’s see how much we can change them (without going crazy!).

If you’re not a fan of your nose – before you turn to surgery (ouch) – contouring can do amazing things to change the shape of it! I found an site that has 10 second videos and step-by-step guides to making your nose appear thinner, shorter, longer or straighter – Click HERE.

If you don’t like your figure, search online for what body shape you are and what kind of clothes will suit that shape. Remember that there’s a size and a style suitable for everyone, so there’ll be something out there that will make you look gorgeous!

Be acceptant about yourself

This is definitely easier said than done! But whether you’ve got curves or not, curly hair or straight hair, blue eyes or green eyes, you’re unique in your own special way and you should be proud of that. Remember that super-models in glossy magazines have been airbrushed and coated in makeup, and that looking perfect is unnatural. If you’ve got freckles, be proud of them. Let them shine through your foundation. If you’ve got ringlet curls, don’t straighten them. Let them bounce around for once! Taking little steps, small ones at a time, will gradually allow you to feel more and more confident in your own skin.

Things look 10 times worse to you

This is such a true little quote. It’s like when you have a spot – you think it looks absolutely HUGE but nobody else notices it. It’s the same with those features that you don’t really like – something that you don’t like, somebody else might love or they might not even notice it.

Don’t be harsh on yourself

Allow yourself to think, yes, I do look great in my dress today. Or, yes, my does skin looks flawless today. I think that people don’t allow themselves to think about the things that they like about themselves because they don’t want to seem cocky or boastful – and yes, some people do take it too far. But it’s so important to have confidence in your appearance, and thinking positive things about how you look will increase that confidence bit by bit.

So those are my tips in this week’s lifestyle chat. I really hope that I helped some of you in some way, and thanks for stopping by!

What’s your best feature? Do you have any tips on self-confidence?

4 thoughts on “Feeling confident about how you look | Lifestyle chat

  1. Great post! This is so helpful.

    I’d say a helpful thing to think about is that what you hate about your appearance (nose, legs, whatever) is not necessarily what people see. You stare at things day in day out, finding every fault and floor, looking at yourself at an angle that 99% of people would never see. You put on an outfit and stand close to the mirror, when in reality people don’t see you like that, if they are that close up their view of you is much different. If that makes sense.

    When I think of my friends their hair styles, height and usually smile is what my brain tries to picture. I can’t remember what their noses look like for example, or any pimples or other things that they may dislike. 🙂 x


    1. Thank you so much. You are completely right – we stand worrying about what we don’t like when everyone else might not even see it! Thank you so much for commenting xxxx


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