Benefit They’re Real Mascara Dupe!

You’ve all probably heard about Benefit’s oh-so-famous They’re Real mascara. Well, have you? Yes, I thought so.
Even though it’s amazing, the price tag kind of fazes people into not giving it a go – £19.50 for a mascara that’ll probably only last 6 weeks is kind of crazy!

So I went hunting around and I think I’ve found a dupe – one that I actually prefer.

I’ll start off by talking to you about the Benefit mascara, which looks like this:

benefit they're real mascara

As you can see, I’ve just got a mini which was £9.99 from Boots – pretty pricey considering it’s absolutely TINY!

I don’t think that the packaging justifies the price at all – it looks very cheap, even the full size.

However (ignoring the tacky look) I do love what this stuff does to my lashes!

Here’s the wand:

benefit they're real mascara

Usually I prefer the huge fibrous wands, but this plastic one actually grips the lashes pretty well and gives them a good curl.

Here’s the mascara on my lashes!


I am a huge fan of the formulae of this mascara as well as the wand – it gives a lot of volume to the lashes and separates them too. It doesn’t give much length, but hey, you can’t win ’em all!

If you apply too many coats it can go a little cakey and clumpy, but it does last all day long without fall down and I especially like the effect that it has on my lower lashes.

Now onto the exciting part (and the whole reason that you’re reading this) – the dupe!

benefit they're real mascara dupe

My Benefit They’re Real dupe is the Max Factor False Lash Effect!

This little beauty is so, so similar to the They’re Real but a whopping £10 cheaper!

Here’s the wand:

benefit they're real mascara dupe

And here it is on my lashes:


Can you see the similarities?

This mascara gives pretty much an identical effect on the lashes – a tonne of volume and some separation too, but what makes me love this mascara even more is the length that it gives – my lashes nearly touch my eyebrows!

So there you have it! Would you rather spend £19.50 – or £10.99?

They both work wonders on the lashes but if I were you, I’d save your pennies and get something even better.

sshhbeauty x

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8 thoughts on “Benefit They’re Real Mascara Dupe!

    1. It’s a good mascara but if you haven’t tried the max factor one I’d recommend giving it a go first! And thank you so much – I’ll check it out now x


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