Rushed Makeup Tips | Intoduction


I know that this post is out of my regular posting routine, but I wanted to introduce you guys to a series which I’ll be posting every weekday of next week – Rushed Makeup Tips!

Each day I’ll be sharing my tips on how to make each part of your makeup look good, even when you’re in a rush!

Here’s he schedule of what I’ll be giving my tips on each day:

Monday – Base – Which products work best in a rush, and how to work with them to achieve flawless skin.
Tuesday – Cheeks – How to contour/highlight/add blusher when you don’t have much time and which products work best.
Wednesday – Eyes – My go-to products that make you look like your eye makeup took ages when really, it took all of five minutes!
Thursday – Brows – How to neaten up your brows with very simple and easy-to-use products.
Friday – Lips – The lip products that I’d recommend throwing in your handbag when you’re in a rush and you need a wash of colour!

This little seriesΒ won’t disrupt my regular posting routine at all, and the posts will be small – they’ll just give a few tips that may be useful to any of you.

So, I’ll be back tomorrow for the first day of Rushed Makeup Tips! I can’t wait!

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