How to use a cakey concealer | How-to Tuesday

Hi there!

This week’s How-to Tuesday is going to be how to use a cakey concealer. I hope that this helps some of you!




My cakey concealer is the Natural Collection Cover up Stick in the shade Fair. I purchased this when I was having real trouble with dark circles and, seeing as it is thick, I thought it’d do the job. Turns out it’s really not my kind of concealer!
It leaves a chalky matte finish on the skin and settles into any little creases that I have around my eyes. It also has really poor staying power, as it’s so dusty. If you have dry/normal skin I would stay away from it, but if you’re really oily it might be okay for you.
When I bought this I just pushed it into my concealer compartment and there it’s stayed, until I found a way to use it the other day!


Simple moisturiser



The way to stop the cakey look is to make the product thinner. You’re going to need a moisturiser to do this, because it will kind of ‘dilute’ it, you know like when you dilute cordial juice? Like that in a way.
You don’t need to splash out – just use your everyday moisturiser or buy a really cheap one that you’ll just use for adding to concealers. If you want a non-heavy, dewy coverage, go for a thin water based moisturiser, but if you prefer a thicker concealer use a day cream or a moisturiser with a thicker and firmer consistency.
You’re just going to need to mix both the concealer and moisturiser together on the back of your hand, and use a dense brush to apply it to your dark circles or any blemishes.


real techniques contour brush


Because the concealer will have been made quite dewy, it can crease easily under the eyes so you’re going to need a powder to set that. I always carry one with me too, just to touch up on as the day goes on. because creased concealer is one of my worst beauty pet peeves!

So that’s this week’s How-to Tuesday. If you’ve got any beauty dilemmas that you’d like me to use in the future, let me know in the comments or tweet me @sshhbeauty !


12 thoughts on “How to use a cakey concealer | How-to Tuesday

  1. Great Post! For me I’ll slap on tonnes of eyecream before I use the concealer to make sure my undereye area is well and truly hydrated! Will try this out soon!


    1. If I don’t have time to mix my concealer with my moisturiser, I’ll do just that! Let me know if you’ve tried it and it worked for you! x


  2. That’s a great idea! Usually I just bin them but at least not I wont have to waste any future cakey concealers. I had the same concealer and I hate it, my skin is really oily and it just make things worse. 🙂 x


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