Eyes | Rushed Makeup Tips

Welcome to day 3 of Rushed Makeup Tips week!

I’m posting everyday this week with my makeup tips for when you’re in a rush! I wrote an introduction that you can read HERE, which explains everything.

Today is all about eye makeup, and the best products to use on your eyes when you’re in a rush. I hope that this helps!

Creamy Products

unnamed (172)

I wear these most days, even when I’m not in a rush! Any cream eye product will probably last longer than a powder one, and they come in so many different shades.
The Maybelline Colour Tattoos are probably my favourites – you just apply some to the lid with your finger and blend with a brush! – but I also really like the Barbara Daly Longwear Eyeshadows, which are in the form of a pen. They’re so easy to apply – you just do a wash over both lids and again, blend with a brush. Because they’re creamy they won’t crease and they’ll last for a long time.

Not-very-pigmented powders and neutral shades

unnamed (171)

In the morning, the last thing that you want is a loud and bright eyeshadow that is madly pigmented – it’s just another thing to worry about. The best ones to reach for are the not-so-pigmented ones – but BE CAREFUL!! Some eyeshadows are sheer because they’re poor quality, but others are purposely meant to not be super pigmented.
Some of my favourites are MAC Frost finishes (this is Swish which I mentioned in a makeup haul), Bourjois Intense Extrait (this is 03) and Bobbi Brown Sparkle Eyeshadows (this is Ballet). All of these shadows either add sheen or shimmer, and they’re not too pigmented. They’re also pretty neutral, so they’re perfect for everyday wear!

Simple but polished

unnamed (173)

One of my favourite things to do is apply a little concealer onto my lid – and just leave it! It’ll just block out any veins or redness on your lids and around your eyes, and make your skin in that area appear flawless. I also set it with a tiny bit of powder to keep it there.
Concealer’s a great alternative to MAC paintpots – Painterly and Soft Ochre will do pretty much the same thing as your regular concealer being smudged onto the lid a little!

Knock-out lashes

unnamed (174)

Finally, if there’s no time to do anything else, coating your lashes in a really volumising mascara is my best tip! You can’t go wrong with it – it’ll open up your eyes and create a simple but effective look.
My two favourites are the Benefit They’re Real and the Seventeen Mascara, which both do very similar things – add amazing volume, length, separation and last for ages!

So those are my eye-look tips for when you’re in a rush! Tomorrow’s all about the brows, so be ready for that!

Day 1 – Base makeup tips – https://elesque.wordpress.com/2014/09/15/base-rushed-makeup-tips/

Day 2 – Cheek makeup tips – https://elesque.wordpress.com/2014/09/16/cheeks-rushed-makeup-tips/

10 thoughts on “Eyes | Rushed Makeup Tips

  1. I discovered you’re blog via Yahoo and I have to say. A Massive Thank you very much, I believed that the post was incredibly educational I will come back to see what further great information I can recieve here.


      1. I have the pink one *rummages through draw* It’s like a rose gold colour, the label is so worn. It may have been rose gold, or pink gold? It’s perfect if you don’t want a lot of colour on your eye. I also love the Immortal Charcoal for a really quick ‘smokey’ darker eye look. Metallic Pomegranate is the one I’m wearing today though 🙂 Which ones do you have? xx


      2. I just have this one (Pink Gold!) but I’ll probably be getting Metallic Pomegranate next – I think they’d pair nicely to make a ‘pinky-plum’ based smokey eye. Thanks for your recommendations! xx

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