Brows | Rushed makeup tips


It’s day 4! We’re nearly there now (it’s been a long week) and today’s about brows!

I’m posting everyday this week with my makeup tips for when you’re in a rush! I wrote an introduction that you can read HERE, which explains everything.

So in case you didn’t already know, I actually did a pot on ‘How to achieve perfect brows’ post a few weeks back that gives more tips and things. This post will just give some recommendations, so if you’d like more in-depth information do go and check that out!

Quick – but not disastrous

When you’re in a rush – put down anything that you’re not an expert at. This is obviously ‘unique’ to each of you, but personally pencils don’t work well for me when I’m in a rush! I end up with harsh lines and them looking fake and drawn on. If I’m in a rush I’ll usually also be a bit stressed, so I don’t want my eyebrows shifting and waxy pencil mostly does with me.

So what should I use?

unnamed (177)

My favourite thing to use is the Rimmel Brow This Way Styling Gel, which I’ve talked about a lot recently. I just love it! It adds fibres and colour as well as keeping any unruly hairs in place. However, it does have a curl of product on the end of the wand so be careful that you don’t end up with blobs (it has happened and trust me, it wasn’t fun trying to get rid of the marks!).

If I’m in a really big rush and I don’t even have the time to be careful with the Rimmel Brow Gel’s wand, your best bet is clear gel or a clear mascara. Mine’s the Miss Sporty Just Clear Mascara (yes it looks a bit gross but it’s from my brow pencil and powder!) which I just brush through my brows. It neatens them up nicely and keeps them in place too – even though it adds no colour they still look more presentable, shall we say!

So those are my tips! Sorry that this post was quite short – there’s not much more I can say that I didn’t mention in my brow post. Still, I hope I could help some of you!
Tomorrow’s the last day of this tip-filled week and it’s lips – and trust me, that post definitely won’t be short! I could talk about lipstick all day long.

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