How to contour the cheekbones| How-to Tuesday

Today I’m going to be telling you how to contour your cheekbones – a technique which, if I’m being honest with you, I hadn’t mastered until a few weeks back! It’s definitely one of the hardest makeup skills to pick up, so hopefully some of my tips will maybe make it a bit easier for you!


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You can use powder or cream to contour with. Personally, I use powder but cream is a good option if you’ve got sports/you have oily skin as it’ll probably last longer! I don’t own any cream bronzers, but two that I know have had lots of hype are the Chanel Soleil Tan de Chanel (£32 from Boots) and the Bourjois Bronzing Primer (£9.99 from Boots). If the Chanel one’s a bit out of your budget the Bourjois one is an amazing alternative!
If you don’t have a cream bronzer, don’t worry! You can also use a foundation that’s a few shades too dark for you – that’s what I do anyway, and it works great!

For powder, I like Benefit’s Hoola, and for cream I like Maybelline’s Dream Satin Liquid in 040 Fawn which is a fair few shades to dark for me (I’m super pale!). If you’ve chosen powder make sure it’s matte – the idea of contouring is to cause shadows to add dimension, so if your bronzer has shimmer in it, it will bring light to the area that you’re trying to deepen.


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I personally prefer not to use a dense brush for contouring the cheek bones – fluffy brushes tend to work better. I use this one (which has no make, sorry!) – but others that I’ve heard are great are the Real Techniques Blush Brush and the ZOEVA Luxe Sheer Cheek. I know sometimes it can be easier to apply the product using a small brush that fits perfectly in your cheekbones, so for that I love the Real Techniques Contour Brush.

Applying the product

The most important thing when you’re contouring is to know that less is more and to build up the shadow you’re creating slowly. Adding masses to your cheeks will just make you look slightly muddy!
Firstly, you need to find out where your cheekbones are – everyone’s sit differently – some are high, and some are lower. You can find them by pressing around your cheeks – it’s a bone, so it’ll be easy to find! – and trace it up to the side of your face by your ear.
Mine stop just above my earlobe.
Starting where your cheekbones start at the side of your face, add a little product onto your brush and apply it just under the bone. Continue tracing just beneath the bone until your brush is in line with the centre of your eye. This is where you need to apply the bronzer to, this line that you’ve created.
Continue blending the product backwards and forwards down the line, adding a little more product when you feel like you need to. There should be more shadow at the side of your face and it should lessen as you come further into the face. You can also take any excess from the brush onto our temples.
After you’ve applied blusher and highlighter, go back in with a fluffy brush and blend everything together – keeping the shadow, but just avoiding having sharp lines that separate the different products! You can also take it up into your hairline to add a little general colour and make sure that you don’t have a line between your foundation and your hair.
After this, using the same brush just dust it under your jawline to define it a little bit.

That’s it! If you’ve followed those tips your cheekbones should look way more defined and your face should look a little bit slimmer.

Hopefully that helped some of you! Would you like a how-to on contouring your nose? Let me know in the comments!

13 thoughts on “How to contour the cheekbones| How-to Tuesday

    1. Thanks for that suggestion. Right now I don’t really feel like I’m ready to make videos, but if more of you want me to, in the near future I may make a YouTube channel! Sorry if it’s not clear; I’ve done my best with instructions and no video so I hope it helps in some way!


      1. You could always look for a video that’s already on you tube and use that to post for an example for us. (when doing make up tutorials that is the best way! but that’s my opinion. ) I would do one, but unfortunately the slot for my memory card in both the computer tower & printer for some reason won’t read the card


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