Maybelline Baby Lips | Worth the hype?

Hi again.

Today is going to be a ‘worth the hype?’ post, something that I want to try and do often! There’s so many beauty products out there that get talked about all of the time, and this can so often make us buy things based on the amazing reviews we hear – and sometimes, the products we end up with aren’t really all that great and shouldn’t get so much hype around them! I want to do these posts to tell you about the bits and pieces that get all of the talk about them, and whether I think that they’re worth investing in or not. Even if these posts stop you from buying some not-so-great products, at least I’ve saved you a few pennies!

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Today I’m going to be talking about the Maybelline Baby Lips – everyone I know has at least tried one of these, and most people absolutely adore them. Almost every beauty blogger loves them too – and so I decided to buy some too around a year ago, and seeing as I’ve had them for a while I thought it was about time for me to let you all know how I feel about them!

I think that the Baby Lips are around the £2.99 mark, which is okay considering the price of Maybelline’s other lip products as they can be a bit pricey – and you get a fair amount of product in the tube, as you can see! I also love the packaging – really bright but they don’t look tacky, and they look adorable standing on your dressing table.

I’ve got four shades which are all from the original line – Peach Kiss (a peachy-nude), Pink Punch (a bold Barbie-pink), Cherry Me (a crimson) and Hydrate (just clear). I only like two of the four that I’ve tried, so I’ll tell you about those ones now!

The first one that I really like is Hydrate – simply because it’s such a lovely balm!

unnamed (208)

It’s clear, so I can just whack a bit on (as you do) and really not worry about it because it’s got no colour to it. I really like the scent of this one – it smells like jelly beans or something, it’s so good! It doesn’t taste all that great though – a bit chemically at first, but it does wear off after a while. It’s very clear that I enjoy this one a lot – I’m running a bit low on it, as I’ve used over half!

The other one that I love is Cherry Me, which smells de-lic-ous – like cherries! Very artificial cherries, but cherries all the same.

unnamed (209)

I absolutely love the colour and it gives a sheer wash of crimson onto your lips which adds a gorgeous pop if the rest of your makeup is quite subtle. It’s got no taste to it (which I like a lot – no chemicals in this one!) and it’s really moisturising and doesn’t cling to dry patches of skin or make your lips look chapped.

Now onto the ones that I don’t think are all that great 😦 .

I’ll start with Peach Kiss which is supposedly a nude-coloured balm.

unnamed (210)

The main issue that I have with this one is that it is so sheer you might as well wear a clear product, because it adds no colour at all – just a shimmery substance that clings to dry patches and gives your lips a kind of frosted effect (what?). I’m really not a fan of the smell of this either – mm, it’s just not really all that great, kind of peachy? But not in a good way? I don’t know how to describe it, but it’s just not really to my taste!

Pink Punch has the same scent (noo!).

unnamed (211)

It clings to dry patches badly like Peach Kiss, but this one is a bit too pigmented. It’s meant to be a sheer balm, but I just don’t like the colour and it’s a bit too bright for me. It doesn’t really moisturise at all and tastes … Not good, in my opinion.

Overall, I’d say that the Baby Lips are kind of hit-and-miss and a bit unreliable – some give zero colour and some give a bit too much, so I’d be careful which ones you pick up based on what you want from a balm. If you get the right formulae they can be amazing though! Personally, I don’t think I’ll be buying any more – I’m going to stick to Vaseline which actually moisturises my lips, and ‘Paint the Town’ from their Limited Edition range is actually red tinted too, so you really get the best-of-both worlds haha.

Thanks for reading! I hope you liked this style of post. Let me know any other products you’d like me to mention in the comments!

*Quick disclaimer: The opinions I’ve mentioned are purely my own, and the things I’ve said don’t necessarily mean that you’ll agree with me! I’m also not purposely criticizing Maybelline – I love most of the products from them but sometimes, things don’t work for us like we expect them to.*

15 thoughts on “Maybelline Baby Lips | Worth the hype?

  1. I’m a massive fan of baby lips i think i’ve tried them all out as i love them soo much there just one of the best lip balms i’ve ever came across 🙂 im new to blogging and am very lonely at the mo would you mind hopping over to my blog? it would mean so so much to me thankyou anyway its up to you 🙂 great post tho! xx


    1. So many people love them! I wish that they worked for me as they’re so hyped, but I guess they’re just not my cup of tea. Thank you for commenting, and I’m heading over to your blog right now! xx


  2. I’ve been considering buying the peach one for some time, I think after reading this I’m glad I haven’t. I have more than enough lippies to get through anyway. 🙂 (not that it will stop me from buying more…)


    1. Personally I’m really not a fan of the peach one! And yes, I think I’ve got way too many lip products but I’ll still be buying more 🙂


  3. I have Peach Kiss and Cherry Me and I do love them both! I find the Peach Kiss goes on well over other things to compliment them/make them last longer! But I love love love the Cherry Me, it is quite longlasting colour for a balm too


    1. It’s so disappointing, because if it did give some colour it would be such a gorgeous nude balm! Thanks for commenting 🙂 x


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