Devil Makeup Tutorial | Halloween


Hello everyone! I’ve got my second Halloween eye look for you today, but this time it’s inspired by the Devil. I’ve already done one look, a witch’s cat-inspired smoky eye which you can see here:

I’m going to get started!

unnamed (6)

As I mentioned in my last tutorial, it’s important to start with clean and fresh skin that’s been moisturised. Don’t use any base makeup though – the eyeshadows that I used fell down quite a bit, and seeing as I did my foundation and concealer afterwards it covered up all of the dust.

unnamed (7)

Again, in my last tutorial I also mentioned how important it is to use an eyeshadow primer, just to make the colours you’re going to be using stand out much more and last longer too.


Sellotape is your best friend when you’re creating this look! You’ll need two strips – the first one needs to be positioned on a diagonal from your inner corner to your eyebrow (cut it before you reach you’re eyebrow though – you don’t want to wax any hair off!). The other piece you will need to cut small triangles out of and needs to be positioned next to the other piece as shown on the picture.

unnamed (20)

Now the tricky bit’s out of the way, we can actually start using the products and it’s super simple from now on anyway. All of the eyeshadows I’m using are from my bh Cosmetics Cool Shimmer Palette, and I’m firstly taking a burnt-red shade all over the lid.

unnamed (21)

I’m then taking a bit of a bright orange and applying that just above where I’ve applied the red, and blending them together.

unnamed (23)

I then used another, slightly more yellow-y orange and blended that again, just above the previous.

unnamed (24)

And finally for the main eyeshadow, I took a golden shimmer and patted that above the oranges, so that it filled the flicks and started to look like gradient flames.

unnamed (25)

Next, I used a little brush to take the same colours under the lower lashline, with the red starting in the inner corner and the yellow blending out at the edge. I also used the MUA Liquid Eyeliner in Shade 5 which is just black, and created a fairly thick line on my upper lashline, ending in a little flick.

unnamed (26)

For mascara, I used a Seventeen one that is amazing actually – it really lengthens and volumises!

unnamed (27) unnamed (22)

I then removed the sellotape to reveal really neatly cut flames, and I was finished! A devil eye makeup look that would be amazing for Halloween.

Hopefully you enjoyed that – it’s fairly simple to do and looks amazing when it’s finished! I think that this might be the eye makeup that I’ll actually be wearing on Halloween because I absolutely love it.

If you decide to recreate this look please tweet me a picture @sshhbeauty – I’d absolutely love to see your take on it!

See you soon! x

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