Worth the hype? | Sleek blushers

Hey guys! Long time, no see!

Sure, it’s only been a week and a bit but I’ve missed two posting slots! Sorry about that. My days are getting so busy on the lead up to Christmas that the only time I have to blog is the evening – but that’s when the lighting goes crazy and swatches don’t show up. Aargghh!

Anyhow, I’ve missed posting on here and speaking to you all, so I’m back with a ‘worth the hype?’ today on the Sleek blushers. If you read a lot of beauty blogs or watch YouTube videos, you’ve no doubt heard about these blushers and I had to pick one up and see what all the fuss is about.

So, a few weeks ago I mentioned in a haul post that I’d decided to try Rose Gold 926 – a beautiful, shimmery peach with golden glitter running through it. Let’s get started.

(If you’re not interested in a really detailed review just skip to the bottom where I round up my overall thoughts)

Let’s start with the price – £4.49! I immediately grabbed one, because that’s such a good price for blushers that I’ve heard are absolutely amazing. The packaging is also great – a cute, black and (dare I say it) SLEEK compact with a mirror that’s fab for travelling.

unnamed (132) unnamed (133)

I love how this is a high-end twist on such an affordable product – if you compare it to the Bourjois blushers for example, the compacts look drugstore – but I love how the small amount of packaging actually used on the Sleek blushers give it such an expensive feel and look.

You get a good amount of product for that price too – I’ve been using mine practically everyday since I got it, and it barely looks used at all – fingers crossed it won’t be hitting pan for ages!

Sleek have a great shade variety so there’ll definitely be one to suit your skin tone, and there’s also different formulae – mine’s shimmery (obviously) but there’s also matte ones too.

unnamed (26)

Now onto the formula. Because it is a powder blusher (Sleek do have creams too though), it has amazing lasting power and sits beautifully on the cheeks. The golden shimmer that runs through it means it also gives a subtle highlight, but I do add highlighter separately anyway – out of habit I guess!

I’d say the blusher is perfect for all skin types as it lasts well on my skin as it is now, which is quite dry, but I can’t see it sliding off those of you with oilier skin? Powders generally suit oily skin better anyway!

Final Roundup

Price: £4.49
Packaging: 5/5 (sturdy and durable, and looks expensive)
Formula: Powder. Lasts a long time and sits nicely on the skin.
Colour choice: 5/5 (one for every single skin tone and a mixture of matte and shimmer shades)
Overall quality: 5/5
Definitely! The best blushers that I’ve tried in the drugstore by far! I’d say that this one rivals my favourite Benefit blusher too, and it’s literally a fraction of the price. I’m going to have to pick more of these up!

Have you tried any Sleek blushers? What colour should I try next?

That’s all from me!

sshhbeauty x

14 thoughts on “Worth the hype? | Sleek blushers

  1. I love these! I have ‘life’s a peach’ which terrified me because it was orangey looking and I wasn’t convinced it would look good. Never going back now! It suits my skin tone perfectly! Plus like you said, they look expensive when they’re really not 🙂 Great review! x


    1. Aw it’s such a shame that they’re not available world wide! I’d say that the only drugstore ones comparable would be the Rimmel ones – can you not even order them? And thank you x


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