MORE bits and bobs I’ve bought…

Hi again,

How was your first week back? Mine wasn’t great, although getting up at 6:45 every day was never going to be easy anyway!

I went shopping! I feel like it’s important to start the year with some fresh beauty bits and bobs – or at least, that’s what I keep telling myself anyway!


The first few new buys were from the Soap and Glory bath-and-body section, because there’s nothing I enjoy more than trying out different scents from the range!

soap and glory body wash

I picked up a little Clean, Girls body wash, because I absolutely love the smell of this – quite fresh and light, but also strong, so when I step out of the shower I can still smell it on my skin.


I also got another of the Righteous Butter mini tubs, because again, I love the smell but it is also an amazing moisturiser. Seeing as my skin gets really dry at this time of the year, I like to lather myself in a thick butter like this one! The size of it also makes it great to throw into your overnight bag if you’re going away.

soap and glory hand gel

And finally from Soap and Glory, I bought the Hand Maid gel, because the Aloe Vera one I was currently using has just finished up! I always need one of these in my handbag, they’re just so handy – I also like to use some before I eat anything, as now is the time when there’s lots of germs going around. I don’t fancy getting ill, thanks!

the body shop seaweed mask

I’ve also recently picked up The Body Shop’s Seaweed Ionic Clay Mask, as I’ve heard a couple of bloggers talk about it and even though my skin is very dry, my t-zone is still very oily. Anything to help absorb excess oil and leave my skin clearer I am always up for giving a go!

no7 green primer

Now onto makeup! I firstly picked up the No7 Colour Calming Primer – this one is for red complexions, as I get an extremely red jawline and no matter how much concealer and foundation I apply to the area, the red still shows through! As green is opposite red on the colour wheel I decided to give this a try and I’ll be reviewing it soon to let you know how I get on with it.


Next up is an Exaggerate Full Colour Lip Liner from Rimmel, in the shade 63 East End Snob (bit of a weird name!). It’s just a pinky-nude shade, so I’ll wear this a lot underneath glosses and lipsticks too.

maybelline colour elixr

I picked up one of the Maybelline Colour Elixr glosses, mainly because I throught it would pair nicely with that lip liner. To be honest, I actually haven’t heard much about theses but I love the packaging, and this shade (Blush Essence) is a lovely neutral pink that I know I’ll get a lot of wear out of.

Here’s swatches of both of these lip products, the Rimmel Lip Liner on the left and the Maybelline Colour Elixr on the right!

maybelline colour elixr

Real techniques kabuki brush

I’m so excited about this last one – the Retractable Kabuki Brush from Real Techniques! I am forever carting around my other brushes, and I’m always so worried that the bristles will get damaged… Or something will get spilt on them – not to mention that regular brushes very rarely come in travel sizes! As this one comes with a lid and it has a dinky handle, I thought it would be ideal to throw into my handbag for topping up powder on the go!

So there we go… Those are my recent beauty buys (that I really didn’t need to buy but I did anyway).

Have you tried any of these bits? What do you think of them?

And by the way, if you’d like any reviews on any of these products do let me know!

sshhbeauty x

15 thoughts on “MORE bits and bobs I’ve bought…

  1. I have tried the Maybelline Elixir in a different shade and I really liked the formula. Though I love the shade you picked out! I might have to see if I can find that one. Living in the U.S. I have always been curious about Soap & Glory. Seems to be a favorite of many! 🙂 xo

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