Benefit’s Bella Bamba Dupe!

Raise your hand if you like saving some pennies! *waves hand in air*

Well, if your hand’s waving as much as mine is, keep on reading for another dupes post. I know you guys enjoy reading these as much as I do!

Today I’ll be sharing a dupe for Bella Bamba which is a discontinued box powder from Benefit. I got a little sample of this blusher in a huge kit last year, and it’s definitely one of my favourite finds from that set!
Anyway, onto duping this little gem. Here goes.


The dupe I’ve found is Sleek’s Rose Gold blusher! It’s surprisingly very, very similar, and not only is it a whole lot cheaper than the Benefit boxed powders, you actually can’t purchase Bella Bamba anymore!

The Sleek blusher has beautiful simplistic packaging which is great for on the go because of it’s good-quality mirror. The Bella Bamba blusher is actually a mini so the bigger size was a tad more swish, however I do prefer the Sleek packaging nonetheless for it’s chic, high-end feel.


benefit bella bamba dupe

There is an ever-so-slight difference between the two blushers as you can see from the snap above. I think that the Sleek is slightly more pink-toned and has chunkier glitter with a golden sheen whereas the Benefit leans more to peach and has a shimmer instead.

That being said, I’d be surprised if anyone noticed the difference when it comes to actually wearing the product on the cheeks! I actually find the Sleek to blend easier too, because the Benefit can sometimes be quite stiff.
So I’ll continue to use up Bella Bamba, but when it does run out I won’t be distraught – I’ll just move straight onto Rose Gold.

What’s your staple blush?

El x

8 thoughts on “Benefit’s Bella Bamba Dupe!

  1. I was gutted when they discontinued Bella Bamba, so I found another beauty blush from Essence, which I am soooo impressed with for my everyday blush – but the Sleek one looks soooo pretty…
    Next day blusher ✔️ sorted!
    Fabooolooos Review! Xxx


    1. Bella Bamba is so pretty! It is a shame that you can’t get it anymore, but I’d say that this Sleek one is the closest I’ve found! And thank you lovely 🙂 x

      Liked by 1 person

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