Real Techniques Nic’s Picks | Review

Hi people!

I’m back with a review today – on the limited edition Real Techniques kit – Nic’s Picks!

real techniques nics picks

I believe that there was a Sam’s Picks set too, but Nic’s caught my attention because thereΒ are more exclusive cuts!

So here are the brushes, in all their glory:

real techniques nics picks

Swish, non?

That mirrored ferrule is definitely to my liking! And as usual, the hairs of these brushes are all synthetic and really soft.

I’ll go through each one individually now!

real techniques duo fibre face brush
So, first up we have the Duo-fibre Face Brush. Not exclusive, but I didn’t already have this in my collection and it’s possibly my favourite brush in the set!

I love using this for powder – as it’s duo-fibre it picks up very little product, so I don’t end up with a chalky finish. Also, as I have dry skin I don’t need much powder anyway, only a little to set my foundation and concealer.

It would also be an amazing brush if you’re a little heavy handed because it doesn’t pick up too much!

real techniques nics picks
Next up is the Cheek Brush – and yes, this is exclusive! It’s designed to apply product more heavily to the cheeks, to give a more ‘dramatic’ finish.

Although I don’t really use this brush too much, I do find it to be a great shape for applying blusher and highlighter. As it’s quite thin, it would also work quite nicely to contour the cheekbones.

Because of how dense it is you could probably use it for foundation and concealer too!

Another exclusive brush is the Angled Shadow Brush – designed for applying shadow into the crease of the eye to add definition.

I used to find blending eyeshadow into the socket quite tricky, but if you use this brush – it pretty much does the work for you!

If you find creating smoky eyes difficult, this would be an amazing brush to try – it helped me, I’m sure it would help you too.

real techniques nics picks

The Base Shadow Brush isn’t exclusive to the set, but the one I already have (from the Eye Starter Kit) I use all of the time. Having an extra one is always helpful.

I’ll probably keep one for applying eyeshadow and one clean for extra blending.


And finally, we have the eyeliner brush – so tiny and fine!

I love using this brush for applying matte dark eyeshadow to the upper lashling, because it’s precise shape means that it pretty much does everything for you. It also works well with gel liner!

But as always, with Real Techniques brushes, you find that purpose that it wasn’t created to be used for – and with this brush, it’s brows.

It’s such a fine brush that you can create a really natural finish for the eyebrows!

So there you go! Those are all of the brushes that you get in the Nic’s Picks set. And for Β£29.99 from Boots, it’s an absolute steal!

What’s your favourite Real Techniques brush?

sshhbeauty x

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