Little Lush Haul!

Hello again everyone!

I took a trip into Lush today and picked up a few bits and bobs, so… I thought I’d show you the things I’ve bought!

lush magic wand bubble bar

So my first purchase is one I don’t think that you can get your hands on any more!

Basically, it’s the Magic Wand Bubble Bar which is my absolute favourite, but it’s only sold at Christmas! I finished my old one up and decided to ask in store if they had any left – and THEY DID!

Ah, I was so chuffed – I suppose you’ll never know if you don’t ask! It’s a bubble bar, so you swirl it in your bath or under the running water and it creates sweet scented bubbles.

So yes, I picked this up and I’m looking forward to using it! It smells so good!

lush bubblegum lipscrub

Next up is the Bubblegum Lip Scrub – and you will have already seen this if you read my Lip Product Addict Tag post last week! I picked this up a few weeks back and I’m literally obsessed with it.

Although the scent is a bit too sickly-sweet for my taste (like a lot of things in Lush are!) the scrub itself is amazing – you just dab a little onto your finger and then use it to exfoliate your lips and leave them soft and kissable!

lush brightside bubble bar

And finally for my little Lush haul, I picked up the Brightside Bubble Bar – now this, to me, is the best scent from Lush. I can’t get enough of it!

It smells quite citrusy and orangey – but nothing too bitter or intense – and it’s absolutely HUGE! On the Lush website you’re meant to get around 2 baths out of it, but I’m pretty sure that I’ll get more than that!

With this one, I’ll just crumble a little chunk under the running water and, like the Magic Wand, it’ll make lots of bubbles!

So those were my recent Lush buys! I don’t go into Lush that often as it can be a bit pricey, but now and then I like to treat myself to a couple of bath goodies and today was one of those days!

What’s your favourite Lush product?

sshhbeauty x


36 thoughts on “Little Lush Haul!

    1. Aw, that’s a pain! All I’d say is that it has a very sweet scent – if you’re not a fan of kind of sickly scents maybe go for the Kiss Me scrub, that one isn’t quite as sweet! xx


    1. I know – I hate animal testing and it often stops me from buying certain products!
      Lush is pricey, I completely agree – that’s why I prefer their Bubble Bars to the Bath Bombs because you can get more baths for your money! x


  1. Lovely post and I really like your photos! I have never tried the lip scrubs from Lush but I would really like to as everyone seems to recommend them. I have also never tried the magic wand but it looks so pretty and girly that I really want to try it in the future. x

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    1. Thank you! And I’m glad you like the photos – getting my camera to focus was a nightmare as they were on a white background but hopefully they came out ok!
      You should try the lip scrub! I was a bit sceptical at first but they really of work. And the Magic Wand is so cute – you’ll have to hang on until next Christmas though – it’s such a shame that they only come out at that time of the year! xx

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      1. I haven’t smelt them – but I have seen them floating around on blogs! I’m not a fan of anything too sweet; do you think I’d like them? xx

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      2. Candy Mountain is very sweet and smells like Snow Fairy, I’ve heard it smells similar to the Magic Wand. The Luxury Lush Pud has a scent which I can’t describe but it smells the same as the Twilight bath bomb with hint of Christmas spices. x

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      3. I much prefer spicy scents to sweet ones! That’s definitely one to look out for at Christmas! Thanks for the recommendation 🙂 xx

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      4. It definitely does as its pink with different coloured dots on it, so it looks really cool in the bath as there are so many pretty colours. x

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      1. On the tub thing it says ‘Suitable for Teenage and Oily Skin’ but I have Combination and it doesn’t massively dry out the areas which are already dry, hence why I love it so much. Perhaps it’s worth researching because I’m not a Lush expert, despite being there more than my actual home. Even if you can’t use it just get it for the smell! Haha, hope I’ve helped (slightly), Rachel xx

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      2. Haha, I’ll look into it! Thanks for those tips – I’ve got really dry, dehydrated skin so I’ll have a look at the texture and things like that.
        If it’s too dry I can use it in the summer – the dry patches aren’t too bad then! It’s just this cold weather – my skin is not a fan! xx

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    1. I’m going to be reviewing it soon, but like you I’ve gotten about 4 baths out of it! As it’s not one of Lush’s most popular products I didn’t even notice it – I’m so glad I smelt it because it’s my absolute favourite scent!
      And thank you so much 🙂 x

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      1. You’re right! I find the Bubble Bars to be much better for the price than the regular Bath Bombs – considering they can cost around £5 and you can only get one bath out of them! At least with the Bubble Bars you can break pieces off, and they last much longer.
        And yes, the scent is definitely a Spring one! Really fresh and orangey 🙂 x

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      2. Haha I’m the same – although I know the prices can be a bit high it doesn’t stop me repurchasing! There’s just something satisfying about collecting Lush products and having a huge stash to choose from 🙂
        And ooh, the worst thing is finishing up your favourite one! x

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