Products worth the splurge

Hi everyone! I hope your week’s going okay so far!

As promised, I’ve got a ‘products worth the splurge’ for you today. Although I’m a drugstore girl at heart and Boots is like my second home, we all need a bit of luxury sometimes and that’s what today’s post is going to be all about!

I’m going to be sharing my favourite products that are definitely worth their hefty price tags.

mac eyeshadow

First up, the classics – MAC eyeshadows. I mean, you can think of absolutely any colour – greens, yellows, blues, bronzes, purples – and I can guarantee you that MAC will probably have an eyeshadow in that colour! And what’s more, they come in just about every single finish you could possibly imagine – mattes, frosts… The list goes on.

If you’re picky with eyeshadows or you’re new to them and want a specific colour, go to MAC! I promise you won’t be disappointed!

bobbi brown sparkle eyeshadow

I know I just said that MAC eyeshadows are the best in terms of choice, but the Bobbi Brown Sparkle Eyeshadows are just incredible! I rave about them all the time on Instagram and I’ve reviewed them here and duped them here, but honestly, the glitter – I’m like a magpie, just drawn to sparkle.

I reach for Cement, the taupe-brown, pretty much daily and just pack it onto the lid with my finger and Bobbi’s (like what I did there?) your uncle! They’re so intense, but they’re so easy to wear and add a bit of shazam into any makeup look!

And yes, they are expensive little buggers but they’re worth every penny, promise!

mac lipstick

Another MAC product that I am pretty flipping obsessed with are the lipsticks. MAC’s cult products. Whenever I think of MAC, I do think of lipstick!

Similar to the eyeshadows, MAC have a ridiculously large colour range and a tonne of different finishes. The one in the photo is Angel, which is a cool toned nude-pink with blue undertones to it. I absolutely love it – the colour is perfect, the texture is creamy but stays put and it smells like vanilla.

My MAC lipstick shopping list is never ending!

urban decay naked on the run

And finally, finally, my little baby – the Urban Decay Naked on the Run. Oh, goodness. I need to shush about this because I’m pretty sure that you’ve all heard enough about it from me anyway – but if you were going to indulge on a luxury product, just one, let it be this. Now that takes a lot for me to say, because I have quite a large makeup stash, but out of everything this has to be my all-time favourite product!

You just get a little bit of everything! The mascara’s excellent, the eyeliner is beautiful… The eyeshadows are some of my favourites and the bronzer is the perfect shade for my pale skin. If you want more information you can just check out my review here, but honestly… For Β£37, you get more than your money’s worth!

So those are my top luxury beauty buys! The best of the best for me, although my stash is always welcoming to new products…

Do you have any products that you think are worth the price?

sshhbeauty x







30 thoughts on “Products worth the splurge

  1. I’m so so tempted to buy the on the run palette, the other day I was weighing up the pros and cons of both that and the naked 1 palette as they are similar price and my heart leaned towards the on-the-run. My only question is, what do you do about brushes (as there aren’t any so you would have to throw some in your bag as well I guess)? xoxo

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    1. If I’m honest, looking at the On the Run and the Naked palette, you do get more for your money!
      As for brushes, that is a bit of a problem I suppose. The perfect palette would have some in there too! But obviously for the mascara, eyeliner and lipgloss you wouldn’t need a brush, and the eyeshadows would be fine if you applied them with your finger. You would need one for the bronzer and blusher though!
      I tend to pack this in my bag and then the case that my RT Core Collection holds all of the brushes I’ll need! A bit of a pain, but the products you do get are beautiful xx

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    1. Haha I’ve got the same problem – I just want everything! And Velvet Teddy is a beautiful colour, but there’s just too many to choose from! I have no idea what to go for next! x

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      1. Ahhh tell me about it!! This beauty blogging is an expensive hobby, I’m surrounded by too much amazing stuff lol Almost afraid to wander into a MAC store for fear of bankrupting myself πŸ˜€ haha x

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      2. It really is an expensive hobby isn’t it! You can at least use it as an excuse to try new things though haha, and MAC’s the worst – there’s so much choice! xx

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      3. Oh don’t, I’m dreading potentially getting hooked on MAC… in fact, it’s my first visit to a MAC store today… excited but very very dubious of the spend!!! lol XXX

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      4. There was a queue just to get in!!!!!!! *sigh* So didn’t make it today – I guess a Saturday afternoon is not the best time to go visit a MAC store eh?! lol Gonna resched for a quiet mid week and empty the contents of my account then lol XXX

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      5. Haha good idea! That’s often the case with MAC – it must be the new collections everyone’s after. Let me know how you get on anyway! xx

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      1. Haha I’ve got a list at the ready! There’s possibly too many to choose from… Which ones have you got your eye on? xx

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      2. I am thinking I want to get Lady Danger next, I also want to get Amorous, MAC Red, Pink Plaid, Creme Cup, and a lot more!! xx

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      3. I love the colour of Lady Danger, I wish I had the confidence to wear that bold colour! And I’ve also got my eye on Creme Cup – but I think I’m going to go for Pure Zen or Patisserie next! I’m a neutrals girl! xx

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  2. Just wondering if the MAC lipsticks make your lips go dry? I constantly find that the majority of my lip sticks leave me with dry lips after prolonged use; but (despite wanting to) I have yet to try a MAC lipstick. Any advice would be appreciated xxx

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    1. I have to say, I held off buying one of these lipsticks for a while, so you’re not on your own there! Angel is a frost, so I suppose it’s designed to be somewhere in the middle of a matte and a glossy sheen, but I do find it can cling to dry patches if my lips aren’t in good condition.
      MAC do a tonne of different finishes – if you’ve got dry lips, I’d steer clear of the Mattes, Satins, Amplifies and possibly the Frosts because they probably won’t look great! The two best formulas to go for are Cremesheens (these are quite pigmented but creamy and hydrating) or a Lustre (these are quite sheer, glossy lipsticks so they don’t have too much pigment). They’re both gorgeous formulas!
      That was a bit of a mouthful! Hope that made sense. What colours were you looking at? xxx


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