Shop my stash | The Spring-Summer Edition

Hi everyone! Hope you are all doing well and having a lovely weekend – let me know what you’ve been getting up to in the comments; I’d love to know.

Now, I’m sure that any readers who have been around for a while may have guessed that I am a complete creature of habit, be that with my morning routine, fashion sense or my taste in makeup products.
So I have a pretty large stash of makeup hidden away in my beauty draws, and although I do love most things I own I’d say I only use about two thirds on a regular basis – not ideal, right? Right.

So, in honour of spring being well and truly here, I’m going to be shopping my stash and sharing hidden gems I’ve discovered with you today. If you’re not familiar with the whole ‘shop my stash’ thing, it’s basically when you have a route through your beauty collection and rediscover products that don’t get enough love.

ck one summer

First up we have a fragrance – CK One Summer, which is definitely a scent that’s been collecting dust for at least six months now!

This is my idea of that perfect summer scent; obviously a very personal thing, but this perfume is just gorgeous. It’s light and fresh but still sticks around when you’ve spritzed it, and it also has that slight hint of masculinity behind it – not so that you smell like you’ve got aftershave on (don’t worry) but so that the scent isn’t too overpowering and sickly sweet.

Plus I bought this in the airport last year before going away, so this just smells like holidays in a bottle for me.

b beauty

Let’s move onto makeup.

The first makeup product I’m determined to use is from B. Beauty, which is an affordable brand from Superdrug. This is the B. Sculpted Contour Kit which comes with a powder bronzer and a cream highlighter. So cute!

I’ve not had this for very long but I immediately pushed it to the back of my draw because of that contour powder – way too orange for my pale pale skin. But this morning I decided to whip it out and give the highlighter a go, and I’ve been completely converted!
Creamy face products are really tricky to find on a budget, and instead of this highlighter being glittery it’s practically matte, just with a very light sheen to it. Really beautiful to blend, subtle and makes your cheekbones pop in that ‘no-makeup’ kind of way.
Can’t believe I pushed this to the back of my draw! I love it!

benefit benetint

A bit of a cult product, this one – Benefit’s Benetint. Cute packaging, cute idea, cute colour… But another item that’s been getting dusty in the beauty draw.
I just never, ever reach for this little guy, and I’ll be honest with you – why, I don’t really know. I seem to remember giving it a go once on my cheeks and finding it kind of tricky to work with and leaving my skin looking patchy (you know the one – really pigmented patch with a little halo around it?), and then on the lips I found it to slide around and not stay put.
Okay, so it’s not my ideal blush-and-lip combo, but I’m determined to make it work! I need to use it up anyway; it’s been chilling out untouched for just too long now.

mac eyeshadow

As for eyes, I definitely need to show some love to my Swish eyeshadow from MAC! I literally NEVER use this, but it’s one of the hidden gems that I was hoping to find through this whole ‘shop my stash’ jobby.

I swatched it and fell in love – it is a frost, which might put you off at first, but because of the finish it doesn’t look nearly as scary on the lids as it does in the pan, just a very subtle pink sheen. Pinks are perfect on the lids at this time of the year and I can’t wait to crack this one out and get using it!

ysl peach passion

And the final product that I’m shopping my stash of it this beautiful YSL Rouge Volupte Lipstick in 13 Peach Passion. Can we all just take a moment to admire that packaging? TO DIE FOR.
Apart from this being a very summer-appropriate shade (you can’t really wear full-on, hot peach at Christmas, can you?) I was always struggling to get the formula to work for me. It can be quite streaky and difficult to work with so I pushed it aside – the Volupte Sheer Candy formula worked much more for me.

However, the colour is so gorgeous and suits my skin tone perfectly at this time of the year. So, I’m going to make this work – whether that be by scrubbing and moisturising my lips to death beforehand or slathering a gloss on top.

And that, fellow beauty addicts, is the first ever sshhbeauty ‘shop my stash’… And I have to say, I enjoyed it!

It’s like going shopping without breaking the bank.

Have a dig through your beauty stashes, and let me know what you find!

sshhbeauty x

10 thoughts on “Shop my stash | The Spring-Summer Edition

  1. Cute post! I always hate it when a treasure like your YSL lipstick gets forgotten because the seasons change. Have fun looking through your unused treasure trove!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha thank you!
      And yes that’s so annoying. I did think about that when I bought the lipstick but I loved the colour so much I just couldn’t pass it up! Fingers crossed it’ll get lots of love this summer x


    1. Haha it’s such a great thing to do! Means that you start experimenting with new things AND it’s beauty shopping without leaving the house or hurting your purse! x


    1. It’s such a great colour for this time of the year! Soft and subtle but still gives a little pop of colour x


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