Review: Benefit’s Coralista Blusher

Hi everyone! Happy weekend… Hope you’ve had a good one. Fingers crossed the rest of this Sunday will go super slowly to put Monday off from coming to soon!

Before today’s review begins I wanted to pop a very quick thank you in here for the lovely feedback I received on my 1 year Blogiversay post – you guys left such sweet comments! They really made me smile and feel lucky to have supportive readers and friends!

Soppiness over though, today I’m going to be reviewing Coralista from Benefit, which made its debut in a lil’ Benefit haul recently. I got a fair few requests in the comments to share my thoughts, so I’ve decided to grant your wishes and do just that. Also, I will be reviewing Rollerlash at some point too – I’m still not settled on exactly what I think about it!

benefit coralista benefit coralista
As I previously mentioned Coralista is a product from Benefit – a brand rather well known for slightly steep prices, so you can’t expect this blusher to be too cheap! It was £23.50 which at first I thought was mad, but once I arrived home with my little John Lewis bag I compared the amount in the packaging to the amount of my MAC blusher. Coralista is 8g; MAC’s Dainty is 3.2g. Coralista is £23.50; MAC Dainty is £21. That clearly doesn’t work out fair, does it?

Anyways, what I’m trying to say is that you get a good amount of product for the bugger of a price tag, and I know people like to moan about the fact that the box is rubbish – and it is cardboard, I will say – but I can’t help but love how cute it looks. That collector streak in me is smiling!

benefit coralista
benefit coralista

(click on the images to enlarge them)

As for the actual product (because as we know, it’s the inside that counts) the swatches really don’t do it justice. I myself swatched it at the counter and thought it to look a bit meh. It wasn’t awful, but I couldn’t imagine that looking good on my cheeks at all.

It wasn’t until the lovely girl at the counter dusted a dab onto my cheeks that I saw it in a different light. An ashy pale peach in the pan, but on the cheeks it looks just beautiful – a coral bronzey shade, so it’s ideal for the summer months as you can fake the glow without looking muddy (maybe isn’t best for dark skin tones though – you don’t want to look ashy). It also has a light shimmer to it, so it makes those cheekbones POP – watch out, Kim K.

I find it to last a good amount of time on the cheeks too. Although the intensity isn’t quite as strong as when you first apply it at the end of the day, the colour’s still there! I sometimes do a quick top up around lunchtime to keep things looking fresh.

So there’s my review! Would I recommend this blusher? Erm, yes, I would. I just love it! It may be pricey but I’m guessing that it’s going to take me a fair while to get through it.

Do you fancy owning Coralista? Pick yours up here.

Do you like cream blushers or powder ones?

Wishing you all a lovely week!

sshhbeauty x

51 thoughts on “Review: Benefit’s Coralista Blusher

    1. It really is Katie! And surprisingly I wasn’t shopping at Benefit for this exact blusher – if any it would have been Roqueteur – but I have so many pink blushers this one is some fresh colour in my collection! xx

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  1. This was my first blush from Benefit and i lived in it…. Until I discovered Bella Bamba [which they don’t sell anymore! Boo!!] but I always loved it! xxx

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    1. I got a sample of Bella Bamba I’m a kit last year and I love it too! I have no idea why they discontinued it – lots of people I know we’re addicted to it too.
      Coralista’s certainly taken my attention away from it though (for now, anway!) xx

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      1. It was so beautiful!! I had to seek out an alternative – which brought me to the Urban Decay ‘Flushed’ pallet! in it you get a beautiful pink blush, stunning highlight and bronze for £22! which when you compare it it Benefits blush, it deffo works out a beautiful bargain! xxx

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      2. It really was! I had to seek out an alternative too – I found Rose Gold from Sleek. So similar and literally a fraction of the price! I think I’ve done a swatch comparison somewhere… 🙂 xx

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  2. I just looove the colour of that blush!
    Haven’t heard a lot about it, though. It’s so beautiful!
    Great review!

    Ohhh, and that cheeky little Roller Lash, hiding in the background of the thumbnail… 😉 hehee

    Lovely post!


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    1. I hadn’t heard much about it before going to the counter either really! Not sure why; it’s beautiful.
      And haha, it was begging to be featured!
      Thank you lovely! xx

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      1. Let me know how you get on – and if you’re a weirdo with that kind of thing it makes two of us! The worst is lipstick, using a new one for the first time is oh so painful! xx

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    1. Isn’t it lovely? Quite unique as well; I don’t own anything else like it. Would definitely recommend!
      Do let me know how you get on if you decide to splurge… I’d love to hear if you like it as much as I do! xx

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    1. It’s so pretty, I love it! Which one is your favourite if you’ve tried any? I’d love any more recommendations, I WANT THEM ALL! Xx

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    1. Apart from minis this is my only boxed powder too! It’s just gorgeous, and perfect for this time of the year.
      Roqueteur’s next on my list now! (Probably butchered the spelling but oh well) xx

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      1. Ooh yes, I love the look of that one. I might get the kit that has a little sample of each one so I can try them all out first, as they’re not cheap! x

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      2. Ow no! I was going to nab one of those in the sale too! 😦 I’m going to keep an eye on it, I’m desperate for one! xx

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