Max Factor Colour Elixirs | Thoughts & Swatches

Just a warning: If you don’t like lipstick, you probably won’t like this post…

Hey everyone! Happy new-week. Hope yours has got off to a good start.

As I’m a full time lipstick collector it doesn’t take long for me to collect up quite a stash of beautiful new lip products to try out. I suppose that’s just what happened with these Max Factor lippies… Oh, I forgot to mention. They’re the focus of today’s post.

I’m going to be sharing the whole hog about these lipsticks – that’s right; packaging to price, to formula to swatches. It’s going to be one hefty post, so let’s get started!

max factor colour elixir lipstick
L to R: Pink Brandy, English Rose, Raisin, Midnight Mauve, Mulberry
max factor colour elixir lipstick
L to R: Pink Brandy, English Rose, Raisin, Midnight Mauve, Mulberry

Okay, lipstick lovers, let’s just go ahead and get going. What do you think about the packaging?

I’m a big fan of it to be honest – just a square golden tube with a block of colour on the bottom, showing the shade and name of the lipstick inside. I love that you know the colour of the lipstick you’re picking up before you open it, especially as I’ve got a fair few of these lipsticks! I always find that I end up opening every single tube other than the one I’m after… Do any of you feel my pain, or is it just me?!

The tube’s also sturdy and secure so I’d be fine with throwing one into my handbag, as no matter how aggressively I did so I doubt the lid would come off and leave me with pink stains in my handbag and a rather fluffy lipstick.

max factor colour elixir lipsticks
L to R: Pink Brandy, English Rose, Raisin, Midnight Mauve, Mulberry

Now I’ll share my thoughts on the formula, which has to be my favourite feature of these lip products. But first, here’s swatches of all five on my lips:

max factor colour elixir lipstick
L to R: English Rose, Mulberry, Pink Brandy, Raisin, Midnight Mauve

Overall the formula gets two big thumbs up from me *claps* because I’m a big fan of that gorgeous, creamy texture. The lipsticks slide onto the lips so easily and glide over dry patches without emphasising them. The formula’s also perfectly buildable – with one coat you’re left with a medium-finish, and with two you’ve got full opaqueness.
My only negative point is the frost, because man are these lipsticks frosty! Some more than others, sure, but some of them look like a blast from the past – quite oldfashioned.
I’ll go through my thoughts on each colour (left to right from lipswatches):

#510 English Rose – The one I’ve owned for the longest and probably the main reason I bought more! It’s a pretty pale pink shade with strong blue undertones to it. I loved it at first, but I don’t reach for it as much as it’s very frosty – not my cup of tea.

#685 Mulbery – Being a complete wimp when it comes to vampy lips I’m surprised just how much I love this shade! SO pretty! It’s a deep pink-based plum shade that’s really opaque and pigmented. My only moan about this shade is again the frost! Because it’s such an out-there shade anyway the frost makes it more intense and difficult to work with.

#825 Pink Brandy – THE FIRST NON-FROSTY FORMULA! HURRAY! This lipstick’s cream-based with practically no frost whatsoever, meaning it’s much easier to wear. The shade’s also very unique – an orange based coral – and the pigmentation is beautifully buildable. I just wish the shade didn’t make my teeth look a bit yellow!

#894 Raisin – To be honest, I’m not sure why I purchased this lipstick in the first place as it’s not a ‘me’ kind of shade and the frost is crazy – I don’t think there could be any more of it! If you like frost and this shade the formula’s beautifully creamy and opaque though.

#711 Midnight Mauve – The best ’till last? I think so! This one’s my favourite of the bunch by far, as it’s another cream formula like Pink Brandy so there ain’t no frost going down with this lipstick. It’s my perfect purple – enough of that violet tone whilst still being pink so that your teeth don’t look too yellow, which purple’s a famous colour for. The pigment is just enough so that it gives enough tint whilst still being really wearable.

Overall I’ll give these lipsticks a glowing 4/5! I love the creamy and moisturising formula and packaging, but they lost a mark for the frostiness – icy lips don’t suit me much.

Do you roam the shelves in the drugstore for lipsticks or do you spend a bit more on them in the department store?

sshhbeauty x

18 thoughts on “Max Factor Colour Elixirs | Thoughts & Swatches

    1. Thanks lovely! And if you’re on the lookout for new lipsticks these are great to try. Midnight Mauve is by far the best shade for me from the bunch and I would definitely recommend it!
      A very unique colour x

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Do let me know if you like it! And there’s nothing I love more than splurging on exciting new products at the drugstore – ESPECIALLY if they’re lip products x

        Liked by 1 person

    1. They’re so pretty aren’t they? The formula is lovely too (aside from the frost, not my thing!).
      And thank you! The swatches were a pain to photograph but hopefully they came out okay x

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh I know what you mean about photographing swatches. Such a pain!! I always have trouble with those. They’re very pretty! πŸ™‚ xo

        Liked by 1 person

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