Maybelline Lash Sensational | Worth the hype?

Upon realising that I haven’t written a ‘worth the hype?’ post for several months, I’ve made a special effort to get one up for you today, and it’s going to be on a product that I’m sure you’ve all heard lots about – the Lash Sensational mascara from Maybelline.

Does it give volume? Does it give length? What’s the brush like? Steady on, folks. All questions will be answered soon! Let’s get going.

maybelline lash sensationalSO, onto the mascara. I’m a Maybelline mascara kind of girl through and through in the drugstore, I have to say – well, Maybelline and Max Factor – just because pretty much all of the mascaras that I’ve tried from the brand have been pretty darn good.

I like the packaging; quite basic, simple. I’ve always been apprehensive about using wands with plastic bristles as I’ve had several bad experiences with others in the past, but after seeing sky high lashes all over Google Images I just took the plunge and hoped this one would be different!

You can pick it up for Β£7.99 which is a pretty standard price for a mascara in Boots, I think.

maybelline lash sensational maybelline lash sensationalSo… Onto the formula, which took me on an odd journey I suppose…

As I said, I purchased this based on what seemed like a million and one positive reviews, and at first I was really not a fan. Whenever I mentioned it in a blogpost you guys posted endless positive comments about it, but I found it clumpy, thick and sticky. It glued my lashes together into one sticky mess which looked unnatural and felt uncomfortable to wear – every time I looked up all I could see was a curtain of black!

However, after leaving it in my makeup drawer for a few weeks I whacked it back out again to give it a second shot – and this, ladies and gents, is the perfect example of when you can change your mind about a product, because I now freaking love this. I don’t know whether the formula dried out or whether my mindset changed – I’m not sure – but all I can say is that it’s now my go-to!

My lashes are nearly resting on my eyebrows and look thick and full without looking fake, and it’s a dream to remove too which is always a bonus.

PRICE: Β£7.99
PACKAGING: 4/5 (sleek, simple. Pretty colour (I’m a sucker for that stuff). The colour can scrape off though)
WAND: Plastic
EFFECT ON LASHES: Length, volume
WORTH THE HYPE?: Yes yes yes! I love this mascara and I can now completely understand why everyone else is so obsessed with it. I may be late on the bandwagon but I’m now well and truly on it with my seatbelt fastened tightly.

Well that was a win! Fancy having false lashes without the fuss? Pick your mascara up over here!

Have you tried this mascara? What do you think of it?

sshhbeauty x

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26 thoughts on “Maybelline Lash Sensational | Worth the hype?

    1. It’s so good – I’m obsessed with it! I remember discussing this with you a while back and I didn’t like it then – just goes to show how opinions change! I love it now x

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      1. Oh I know right?! Well I have a few different mascaras to try out as well. Though I hate opening too many at once lol. We are just always on the search for the best ones! lol. πŸ™‚ xo

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Well I don’t know anyone who isn’t on the hunt for great lashes! And I hate having too many mascaras on the go but I’m the worst for doing it – I get too excited when I buy a new one! x

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  1. Great review! πŸ˜€
    Everyone has been praising this mascara but I’ve just been kinda ‘ehhh’ about the entire ‘hype’ thing… It looks fenomenal on the lashes, I think it’s the wand that put me off – it’s plastic and… well, let’s just say that I didn’t have a good time with Maybelline mascaras with plastic wands.

    I might actually give this one a go… it does look good and hopefully the formula is as good as everyone claims.

    Lovely post! πŸ˜€


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    1. Firstly, thank you so much for your lovely comment! I’m glad you enjoyed the review!
      And you sound so similar to me actually – I put buying this mascara off FOREVER because I haven’t had good experiences when using plastic wands either.
      To be fair, I didn’t like it at first, but after persevering with it I was proven wrong and I’m now obsessed. This is definitely a mascara that doesn’t have usual plastic-wand qualities!
      Let me know if you try it and your thoughts.

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  2. This was such a good review!!😍 I really want to try out this mascara! I just posted a nail art tutorial, and would love if you checked out my other tutorials on my blog!xx

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