Max Factor Smokey Eye Drama Kits | Review

Although I do believe that the quest for the perfect matte eyeshadow never truly ends, I’m pretty sure that I’ve struck gold with the Smokey Eye Drama Kits from Max Factor.
Despite being a bit of an eyeshadow snob, there’s nothing like a gem found from the depths of the drugstore… So I thought I would share this exciting discovery with you!P1020457


So here they are! I currently own three out of the six available shades, as these were the ones that appealed most to me when I swatched them in store. The palettes come with three eyeshadow shades (on the left of the palette) and one brow powder (on the right).

In terms of packaging… I’m not blown away, but it’ll do. It’s quite plastic-y and cheap feeling, and I doubt it could withstand being dropped, but it’s a great size for throwing into your handbag if you decide to take it away with you. The kits also do come with a double-ended sponge applicator, but I personally don’t use those.

They’re available from Boots here in the UK (sorry if you’re abroad, I’m not sure where you can get hold of them!) and they’re priced at £8.99 each. This is kind of expensive in my opinion, but I suppose that Max Factor is higher-end of the drugstore so it’s not too bad.

max factor smoky eye drama kitmax factor smoky eye drama kit1


The formula is the one thing I love about these palettes – well, I love the mattes’ formula. I immediately swatched the mattes and found them unbelievably buttery and richly pigmented. Some of the palettes came with extra matte shades other than the brow powders, but to be honest, it’s the brow powders that have an amazing formula. I’ve been using them in the crease, on the lid… Not just on the brows! They do take a bit to blend and can be stubborn sometimes, but if you work with them they’re just fine.

The shimmers though, for me, are a bit of a no-go. With the exception of a few, they’re just unflattering chunky glitter which dusts away and goes patchy when layered. They have very poor pigment, so if you’re after good shimmer-shades at a good price point I’d give these a miss.

Ok, so now I’ll wizz through the different shades I own!

Luxe Lilacs:

The first is Luxe Lilacs which, as the name suggests, has a running theme of purple throughout the palette. I picked it up because not only did I like the look of the brow shade, I also love that deep purple colour for the crease in the winter.
This particular kit consists of:

~ Shimmer: White with lilac reflex – I don’t like the formula of this shade and don’t have a use for it!
~ Shimmer: Pale lilac – Again, not a fan of the formula or the shade on me
~ Matte: Deeper purple – Not quite so pigmented as the other mattes but a pretty colour for the colder months
~ Matte: Medium brow colour – Too light for my brows but perfect in the crease

I’ll give this one 3/5. I knew the first two shades wouldn’t be for me, and although I love the formula of the brow powder that darker purple isn’t quite pigmented enough!

Lavish Onyx:

The next kit is in the shade Lavish Onyx which has deeper colours. I loved the brow shade but also that shimmery rose-tone in this palette, and was keen to test out the navy too!

~ Shimmer: White – I don’t like the formula of this shade
~ Shimmer: Rosy-taupe – Quite similar to Sidecar from Urban Decay, so if you don’t own that it’s a decent dupe
~ Shimmer: Navy blue – A very pretty colour, but not really my cup of tea
~ Matte: Dark brow colour – Matches my brows exactly

This palette gets another 3/5 for me! I really dislike the formula of the white shade and wasn’t a fan of the navy blue either, although that was a risk anyway. I love the brow powder and although the rosy shade isn’t as pigmented as Sidecar it can be built up.

Opulent Nudes:

The final kit I own is in the shade Opulent Nudes. The best ’till last? I think so in this case! I get so much use out of these colours and carry this little palette everywhere with me.
It consists of:

~ Matte: Pale pink – The perfect, subtle brow-bone highlight
~ Shimmer: Rosy-taupe – The same shimmer as in Lavish Onyx
~ Matte: Medium brown – Ideal as a transition shade in the crease
~ Matte: Dark brow colour – Matches my brows exactly

I’ll give this palette a 4.5/5! It loses a .5 of a star simply because I don’t get much use out of that shimmery colour as I have others that I prefer, but the mattes are INCREDIBLE and such ‘me’ shades. I get so much use out of this kit!

So there’s my verdict on these palettes! Overall I love Opulent Nudes the most and think it’s so handy, but I do use shades from the other palettes too, just not all of them. I’m pretty impressed with Max Factor and these little kits – they’ve done a jolly good job!

Take your pick of the shades here.

What’s your favourite drugstore eye product?

El x

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6 thoughts on “Max Factor Smokey Eye Drama Kits | Review

  1. I have the one in Lavish Onyx and I agree. The white shade is just full of chunky glitter particles. It’s not even suitable as a good highlight shade cause of all the sparkle it has. Even on the lid it ended up irritating my eye with the shimmer. I love the brow powder and the rose gold one. the black was just meh. I thought the brow powder was a matte shade and I used it for transition 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The matte brow powder is such good quality I also use it as a transition my lovely! It’s a dream to work with.
      And I agree – the other shades in these quads just aren’t quite up to scratch. It’s a shame really because if they were good they’d be ideal for travel, but because of their powdery texture I feel as though I have to pack something else! 😦 xx

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I wish I could pull them off! I’m not a lilac girl when it comes to the eyes but I do love a rich purple for the crease – which, as you said, is so perfect for the autumn! xx


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