Products Worth the Save | Base Edition

Happy Wednesday, everyone! It’s halfway through the working week, which can only mean one thing… The weekend’s on its way!

As promised I’m back with my ‘products worth the save’ today (if you missed my ‘products worth the splurge’ last week, you can check that out here). However, instead of like my previous ‘products worth the save’ in which I included all of the affordable products I loved, I have so much to talk about this time round that I’m going to split it into base, eyes and lips.

Today is the base edition… And I hope you enjoy it!

b sweet popping candy

The first is quite possibly one of my all-time favourite makeup products, and it’s the B. Sweet Popping Candy Highlighting Serum from B Beauty, which is a brand exclusive to Superdrug in the UK. I’ll admit that this isn’t super-duper cheap at Β£15, but it’s still technically a drugstore product so I thought I’d include it regardless!

I picked this highlighting serum up because I was desperate to have that fresh dewy glow that anyone with dry skin CRAVES – and I fell in love with this product immediately! You can wear it under, over or mixed with your foundation and it gives the most beautiful yet subtle radiant glow.

I personally adore mixing it with my foundation, as it sheers it out and makes it look more natural on the skin for everyday wear.

If you like looking dewy – or you’ve got dry skin and fancy a burst of hydration, you need this stuff! I love it!

rimmel wake me up concealer

Another base product that I’m completely obsessed with it my beloved Wake Me Up Concealer from Rimmel. Oh man, you guys are probably bored stiff of hearing me chatter on about this concealer, but it’s for a reason, promise!

As someone who hated the famous Collection concealer which everyone else seems to adore, I was still on the hunt for the perfect drugstore concealer – I wanted something lightweight and brightening, but I was also after a decent amount of coverage.

This concealer is so lightweight and fresh under the eyes and it really does brighten and lift the area too (something I’m 100% in need of most days as to not scare the general public with my zombie circles!). I’m not a fan of it on blemishes, but it’s just a dream under the eyes.

I’ve already repurchased this once, and will continue to repurchase until I find something better!

the body shop shimmer waves blush

My final ‘product worth the save’ in this wee base edition comes from The Body Shop, and it’s their Shimmer Waves in Blush. Similar to the Highlighting Serum it’s not the cheapest thing in the world, but hey, it’s not Chanel, so I’m not complaining! Also, if you order online from The Body Shop there’s always discount codes so you never have to pay the price you would in store!

This Shimmer Waves it just beautiful. I get so much wear out of it, purely because it’s just so easy – it’s basically a pale pink with a soft sheen to it (you’ll be glad to hear there’s no glitter involved, folks) and no matter how bold your lip or how smoky your eye makeup, it just compliments any look beautifully!

I’m quite pale and I love it on my skin tone, but if you have darker skin it would be a stunning highlight – or you could go for the bronzier shade!

So those are my products worth the save in terms of base! I do love a bit of drugstore… And these bits and bobs are musts in my makeup bag.

What’s your favourite affordable base product?

Get ready for my top eye product picks on a budget!

El x

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