Recent Beauty Buys!

I’ve been doing rather a lot of makeup shopping recently – which probably doesn’t surprise any of you – and I’ve managed to collect up quite a large stash of new and exciting products that I can’t wait to get wearing and reviewing for you all!

There’s a good ol’ mix of some drugstore bits and some more spendy pieces too – and bizarrely the majority of the items are cheek products. Don’t ask me why, because I wouldn’t be able to tell you!

real techniques miracle complexion sponge

The first item I popped into my basket at Boots is from one of my absolute favourite brands; Real Techniques. I’m sure you guys will have gathered by now that I’m completely in love with their brushes and own nearly all of them which is kind of mad, and I’ve heard lots of beauty bloggers raving about their Miracle Complexion Sponge.

I decided to try it, as during the winter my skin gets much drier, and buffing my foundation into my skin using a brush can actually cause micro-exfoliation. This will cause any little flakes on the skin to stand upright, making the complexion appear very uneven and patchy.

As with a sponge you can’t buff (very basic knowledge for you there) I’d have to sort of bop it onto the skin, meaning it’d flatten any flakes and even out any texture.

I can’t wait to try this technique of applying my foundation – let me know if you’ve used it before and what you think of it!

max factor creme puff blush

Onto the first of several blushers I’ve decided to pick up and give a whirl – this one is Nude Mauve from the Max Factor Crème Puff line, and I’m definitely late to the party on these blushers. Everyone went a bit bananas for them earlier on in the year, but they’re just under £9 and I wasn’t keen on the idea of paying that much for a drugstore blusher – especially as I know that Sleek blushers are gorgeous and they’re less that £5!

But, as always, I eventually caved and picked one up and I’ve really been enjoying it. Instead of using it as a blusher I’ve actually been using it as a subtle contour as it’s quite a neutral colour, and I love the formula as it’s got a good pigment yet it’s really easy to blend.

I’ve got my eye on the berry one for autumn winter now – how gorgeous would that be?

rimmel stay blushed

Also from Boots I decided to try one of the Liquid Cheek Tints from Rimmel, as I’ve never tried a liquid blusher before. This one is in Pop of Pink which is a gorgeous mid-toned pink with a slight coral tint to it.

The main thing that I like about this blusher is actually the formula which I’m sort of shocked about – I thought it’d be way to watery and would sort of blend away, but I was pleasantly surprised! It has a mousse-y texture so it’s not as watery as I’d expected, which makes it ten times easier to work with.

It has a nice sheer colour payoff but does take a bit of blending to stop it from going patchy! Once it’s on your cheeks and blended though it looks really pretty and fresh. I need to test its longevity some more before I review it, but I’ll keep you updated!

the balm cabana boy

The final blusher that managed to find it’s way into my heart is actually from theBalm! I’ve never tried anything from theBalm before, simply because I’ve been unable to find it in any stores near me and I don’t like ordering makeup online, as I can’t swatch it in person.

However, I was in my local Debenhams a couple of days ago and I spotted a huge stand FULL of theBalm cosmetics, and I think I squealed with joy! I’ve wanted to try their blushers for ever, and although I wanted all of them I finally settled for Cabana Boy which is just so unique.

It’s a dusty-rose with a purple, almost berry, undertone to it, and as the weather’s starting to cool down now we’re in September I’ve been really enjoying a pinky-purple lip similar to this colour, so I thought that this blusher could really compliment that.

It also reminded me of NARS Sin blusher but much cheaper – this was only £15.50 which I thought was amazing!

revlon lacquer balm

I finally have two lip products to show you – the first being my first ever chubby stick from Revlon! At Boots there’s currently a 2 for £10 on all Revlon lip products, so me and my friend went halves and both picked one up.

I chose Whimsical which is from the Lacquer Balm range, as this is a perfect example of that berry colour I’ve been obsessed with on my lips recently. I’ve already tried this though and so far I’m not too impressed with it!

It’s gorgeous to apply and feels really buttery and moisturising on the lips, but after about 10 minutes of wear I’m left with a lip line. All of the product from the inner rim of my lips had completely disappeared and I hadn’t been drinking or eating anything!

I’m all up for giving this another try, but so far I’m kind of disappointed.

rimmel kate moss lipstick

The final product I have to show you is just GORGEOUS – it’s from the Rimmel Kate Moss line and it’s in the shade 8.

If you read my high-end beauty haul you will have noticed that I picked up Soar Lip Liner from MAC, and I’ve been on the hunt for a good lipstick to layer on top of that ever since. I considered Faux, also from MAC, as I’ve heard that they’re the perfect combo, but I found this lipstick from Rimmel and was quite satisfied with it!

It’s literally MAC Soar in a lipstick, honestly – I’ll by all means do a comparison post if you guys would like – and the formula of the Kate Moss lipsticks is so rich and longwearing.

So those are the beauty products that have found their way into my makeup stash recently! If you’d like me to review any of these products specifically just let me know, down below in the comments.

Have you tried any of these bits? What do you think of them?

El x

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17 thoughts on “Recent Beauty Buys!

    1. Aw that’s so lucky! I would have stocked up too! I’ve only used it for foundation so far but I really love the finish it gives. I’ll have to try it out for cream contour when I next feel like I need Kim K cheekbones! 🙂 xx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It’s definitely one I’ll be using for Fall! I don’t have any berry blushers but as I’m pale I’m worried they’ll wash me out slightly. This is a nice take on a berry tone that I’m hoping I can pull off! xx

        Liked by 1 person

    1. They’re amazing aren’t they! Just an incredible formula; so rich and creamy! And you should definitely try this shade if you haven’t already, it’s a great Kylie Jenner colour without the price tag of a MAC lipstick 🙂 xx


      1. Haha I have that goal somewhere on my makeup shopping list too! 🙂 which shade is your favourite out of the ones you’ve tried? xx


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