Products Worth the Save | Eyes Edition

Out of all the steps involved in applying my makeup, the part that I enjoy the most just has to be eyes – blended shadow, neat liner and thicker and longer lashes are all features that I feel can really make a difference to my finished appearance.

I’m lucky to be able to say that my skin isn’t too bad at the minute. I definitely have rough times with it when I need at least 3 tubes of concealer to cover many-a-blemish, but I find that personally eye makeup makes a bigger difference to my look and lifts my skin, and it’s also a great way to get creative!

As you guys seemed to really enjoy my Base Edition of Products Worth the Save, I’ve got the Eyes Edition today… And I hope you enjoy hearing about my top picks from the drugstore in this category!

zoeva mixed metals palette

I’ll begin with a palette that I’ve had for a little while but only just really fallen for – it’s Mixed Metals by Zoeva. Zoeva’s eyeshadows have definitely blown up recently – the first search term to come up after ‘Zoeva’ is the Cocoa Blend palette! – but as I already own many bronze tones I took the plunge and went for a palette with a splash of colour.

Although it might look a bit scary at first, as there are some seriously bold-looking colours here, they all have a neutral undertone to them which makes them more wearable than they might first appear, and they’re also incredibly buttery and pigmented. A single swatch with your brush and the colour is fully intense, yet there’s zero fallout.

My favourite shade is probably Alloy which is the purple on the far left, but I also really love Copper Plate; the burnt-red on the right. I own no shades like this and am completely obsessed with it!

maybelline colour tattoo

As for single eyeshadows, the drugstore ones on offer always seem to disappoint me. I’m so used to the amazing formula of Urban Decay, MAC and Zoeva that the shadows I swatch in store just seem a bit chalky and a waste to me, as I know I’ll never really use them.

However, the Colour Tattoos from Maybelline certainly didn’t let me down! So many people had gone on and on about these creamy colours and I just LOVE them! I’ve currently got two shades – Pink Gold and On and On Bronze – and I use both and adore both. I tend to use them as bases for other eyeshadows as they basically act like a hard-core glue, but they’re also gorgeous alone and buffed out on the edges.

I’ve also found them to last for a good amount of time too – I’ve heard that the Aqua Creams by Makeup Forever (which are rather pricey) dry up super fast, but I’ve had Pink Gold for at least a year, and every time I come to use it all it needs is some warmth from my finger and it’s as buttery as if it were new!

maybelline lash sensational

As for lashes – I know too many people have raved about the Lash Sensational from Maybelline, but honestly guys, it’s because it’s incredible!

I do own the Roller Lash from Benefit and although I love that and think my lashes look especially long and luscious, you could say, when I wear it, I don’t think that mascara does anything more than this one does, and it’s just over ยฃ10 cheaper.

It’s a plastic wand which I usually don’t like, but having used it pretty much every single day for the past few months I think it’s safe to say that bristle wands aren’t always the best!

If you’d like to see some photos of this mascara actually on my lashes, you can read my full review on it here!

zoeva mixed metals zoeva mixed metals

Zoeva Mixed Metals – Colour Tattoos in Pink Gold & On and On Bronze

So those are the eye products from the drugstore that I 100% think are worth the save, because they’re flipping amazing.

Do you like any drugstore eye products? I want to add more to my shopping list!

Have a gorgeous week!

El x

9 thoughts on “Products Worth the Save | Eyes Edition

    1. It’s such a great mascara isn’t it! And I’d definitely recommend the Colour Tattoos; my favourite shade is On and On Bronze which is a beautiful colour. It honestly depends on the shades that you can get your hands on – in the US there’s lots more to choose from unlike here in the UK! xx

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