MAC’s Smokey Mauve | My Favourite Eyeshadow

Hey everyone! Hope you’re week’s got off to a good start!

I’m sure you will know by now that I’m a complete and utter eyeshadow junkie – some people collect lipstick, some makeup brushes… And I collect those things too, sure, but I probably own a fair few more eyeshadows than anything else.

As I don’t like heavy duty foundations or wearing anything to thick on my skin, eye makeup is my preferred way of enhancing my features and I absolutely love experimenting with a variety of different colours and brands!

I thought I’d review my MAC Smokey Mauve eyeshadow for you today, as I mentioned it in my August Favourites and have been going on about it non-stop on Instagram, so here’s a full run-down on this little compact of joy.

mac smokey mauve mac smokey mave

The eyeshadow is from MAC and it’s called Smokey Mauve, from the Extra Dimension range. It’s such a stunning lilac with an intense silver shimmer running through it, and I think it’s the perfect colour for everyday wear.

Unfortunately it’s not the cheapest of eyeshadows though – this small compact of just 1.3g will cost you a (slightly mad) Β£16! I’m not sure if you can get these eyeshadows in pan form as mine’s in a compact, but obviously if you can then the price for a refill would be a bit cheaper than this.

I do love the convenience of the little compact form though as it’s ideal to throw into your handbag to touch up, and it doesn’t take up too much space.

mac smokey mauve

As for the formula…

I swatched this eyeshadow and just thought yes. This is it! The perfect colour, formula, pigment, shimmer, EVERYTHING – and when I swatched it, it really was.

I’ll say that because this eyeshadow has such intense shimmer to it the best way to apply it is to pack it on with your fingertip; almost treat it like a pressed pigment. The first time I used it I went for a fluffy brush and didn’t get nearly the same amount of intensity as I was expecting… But with your finger, it looks incredible, almost like a wet-look eye.

I personally haven’t really worn this alone on the lid, as I found it to crease rather badly, although I have only tried it with one eyeshadow primer (the Benefit Stay Don’t Stray) so maybe with others it would be better. My favourite way to apply it is on top of Maybelline’s On and On Bronze Colour Tattoo! It intensifies the pigment and colour so you don’t have to use to much, and also acts as a glue so the colour doesn’t crease nor transfer!

Final Roundup

Price: Β£16 (in compact form)
Amount of product: 1.3g
Packaging: 4/5 (cute and convenient – a mirror would be handy though for touch ups!)
Formula: 5/5 (AMAZING – so buttery, creamy and amazing pigment and intense shimmer)
Colour range: 5/5 (Great colour range. Something for everyone, definitely)
Worth the money?: A tad pricey, but an incredible eyeshadow and I own nothing else like it!

I’m completely obsessed with this gorgeous MAC eyeshadow and would recommend it to absolutely anyone! I’m very fair and I love how it looks on my eyes, but I can especially imagine it looking amazing on those of you with deeper skin tones too.

Fancy giving this a whirl? Pick it up here!

What’s your favourite eyeshadow – cheap as chips OR blow-your-socks-off pricey!

See you soon, gorgeous!

El x

23 thoughts on “MAC’s Smokey Mauve | My Favourite Eyeshadow

  1. Oo this eyeshadow is gorgeous! I am also an eyeshadow collector so I will definitely be checking this out next time I am in MAC! πŸ™‚ xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha yay, finally someone who feels my addiction too! πŸ™‚ Definitely give it a try; it’s a stunning colour and it’s one of the first eyeshadows I’m seriously considering buying a backup for, and that’s saying something! xx

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I actually own the Primer Potion but haven’t tried this combination yet! Thanks for the advice, I’ll give that a whirl and let you know how I get on! xx


  2. Absolutely GORGEOUS – I love love love those types of tones, have to invest in this. In fact I’ve been looking for something this shade for quite a while… just a shame it creases so bad 😦 Might have to try it with the Urban Decay primer, it’s quite good so fingers crossed, Karen xo

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    1. Such a stunning one, isn’t it! It actually reminded me of By Terry’s Misty Rock OmbrΓ© Black Star which is super pricey, so I was thrilled to find something similar!
      I haven’t tried it with the Primer Potion – I do have that so I must give it a try! It was a bit of a bugger for creasing but not horrifically – and it was on a busy shopping day, so I have to cut it some slack! xx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oooh I think the By Terry is well out of my price range for now *sob* one day though huni πŸ˜‰ Oh well give it a go with that El and see how you get on… hopefully it’ll help! I’m a huge fan of that primer potion, it just keeps everything on my eyes.. on my eyes lol lol XXX

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      2. We’re in the same boat there lovely – Β£30 for a flipping eyeshadow! I can’t even convince myself I need it; it’s just so expensive!
        And yep, I’ll definitely give it a try with that primer. I always forget to use it but I’ve heard amazing things!
        Thank you for the recommendation! xx

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      3. Geee it’s crazy isn’t it?! No, I’m the same – I just think there is sooo much choice out there now that finding a cost effective dupe for a fraction of the price isn’t too much of an issue. I just couldn’t justify that spend on a pot of eyeshadow!!! lol Awwh you’re so welcome, hope it works πŸ™‚ XXX

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Absolutely ridiculous I know! The MAC one’s not exactly cheap as chips but it’s nearly half the price of By Terry’s Misty Rock, which is good enough for me!
        And I’ll give it a try with that primer ASAP and let you know if I think it makes any difference! xx

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