Radiant Bourjois Buys | First Impressions

If you follow me over on Instagram you may have spotted that I recently popped into Boots and emerged with some new products from Bourjois!

I haven’t really tried that much from this brand, to be honest – I’m a big fan of the CC Cream but that’s about it, so when I found out that EVERYTHING on the stand was 2 for Β£14 I just had to take advantage of that!

This morning I decided to give the two items I picked up a try, and I figured that you guys might like to hear my first impressions on them!

bourjois happy light primer

So the first product I grabbed was the Happy Light Luminous Serum Primer, because as you’ll know if you’ve read my blog for a while, I am huge on dewy things. I have such dry, dehydrated skin that anything that’ll waken my skin and make it look fresher is something I’m bound to love!

This primer promises a dewy, radiant complexion as well as prolonged makeup wear – so what’s not to like? I HAD to try it!

This morning I used one full pump and managed to spread that over my entire complexion. It felt really hydrating and light, and also had an almost gel texture to it so it didn’t feel heavy or greasy at all.
My BB cream applied gorgeously on top of it and I noticed a definite veil of sheen over my skin.

Throughout the day
The sheen slowly seems to have faded throughout the day which is rather annoying, but my skin still feels suitably hydrated and soft.
My makeup’s remained on my face but it’s still managed to go a bit chunky around my nose and on my jawline, which is nothing new for me but considering that it’s a primer I kind of expected this problem to be eliminated…?

The verdict?
Overall I think this needs some more testing before I can confirm how I feel about it, but I do love how it’s made my skin feel!

bourjois java rice powder

Seeing as there was a 2 for Β£14 offer on, and that primer alone was Β£10.99, it made sense to pay the extra few pounds and get a whole other product!

I’ve been lusting after the Java Rice Powder from Bourjois for a little while now and as the offer was such a good one I decided to finally pick it up.

The application

The Java Rice Powder is loose, so similar to all other loose powders out there this was also a pain to use! I found I spilt it everywhere and ended up all sparkly, but nevertheless it went onto the skin beautifully. I used it to set beneath my eyes and though my t-zone.
I loved how although my skin felt matte and smooth it still looked radiant – although close up there’s definitely some shimmer particles.

Throughout the day
It kept my forehead and chin beautifully matte, but shine from my oily nose definitely came through the powder and I ended up having to touch that up with another dusting. I did find that the sparkles could be quite obvious if I looked up close, but from a regular distance away they weren’t too bad.

The verdict?
Like the primer this definitely needs more testing, but I love how radiant it allowed my skin to look whilst still setting the products in place all day (minus the sparkle!).

So those were my first impressions on my recent radiance-inducing buys from Bourjois. Both need some more testing, but I’m pretty happy with how they’ve gone so far.

Do you like looking dewy?

El x

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