I recently invested in MAC Plumful, and since that day I’ve been hooked. As I’ve previously mentioned I’m rather shy when it comes to bold, bright lips – I mean, they take a bit of getting used to, right?! – and Plumful is just the most beautiful, wearable autumnal berry colour.

It wasn’t until the other day when I was fiddling about with my lipsticks (i.e. shuffling them round to make room for more!) when I discovered that I owned a practically identical shade for half the price!

Not going to lie – I was kind of gutted to realise that I’d basically wasted a good £15, but I kept telling myself that it was okay because it meant that I could share this dupe with you guys!

mac plumful

So here’s Plumful, to start with. It’s a Lustre finish, meaning it’s pretty sheer and glossy but it still has a decent pigment to it! I also find Lustre finishes to be incredibly moisturising, and this one is no exception. The colour is a beautiful pinky-plum, making it far easier to pull of than a purple-plum in my opinion.

And as always, MAC packaging is just so chic and gorgeous – an issue for me because the freaky collector in me just wants hundreds of them all lined up! – as well as being sturdy and well made.

However, this is MAC we’re talking about! Great packaging, great formula, gorgeous colour… Not so great price point. £15.50 for a lipstick is kind of mad, but I’ve been known to spend £10 more than this (YSL I hate you!) so it’s not too bad I suppose, for a high-end (ish) lipstick.

mac plumful dupe

The dupe I’ve found can save you almost £8 – and it’s oh-so-similar! Say hello to Midnight Mauve from Max Factor, another holy-grail lipstick for me.

mac plumful dupemac plumful dupe

Although their price tags and packaging are different, the colour and formula of these lipsticks are quite literally identical! Midnight Mauve is another stunning pinky-plum neutral, and actually has the same finish and texture – sheer yet buildable and it leaves a gloss behind.

mac plumful dupe

mac plumful dupe

I would say that Plumful has more of a red undertone and Midnight Mauve has a slight purple tint to it, but on the lips they appear literally identical. They both have a similar lasting power (which isn’t too long – you do need to top up every few hours or so).

They both smell pretty good – it’s important for a lipstick so have a nice scent, I’m sure you’ll agree! – and neither tastes of anything. No nasty chemicals here!

Overall I do love Plumful, and I can see myself getting a lot of wear out of it throughout the coming chilly months… But having said that, if I’d realised I already had a good dupe, I probably would have saved my pennies.

So, are you after that berry lip to get yourself feeling all autumnal? Join the party! You can buy Plumful from MAC here for £15.50 or Midnight Mauve from Max Factor here for £7.99.

Whichever you choose… Here’s to a good berry lipstick! *chink*

Are you excited for the chilly months or is it just me?!

All the best!

El x

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