RT Bold Metals // 100 Arched Powder Brush | Review

Just under a year ago, the Bold Metals line from Real Techniques were released, and being a total brush addict, I knew immediately that I needed them in my life.

If you’re after a luxury beauty brush, one glance and you’ll be sold – plush white bristles individually tapered, diamond handles, weighted ferrules, makeup-artist cuts and a variety of silver, gold and rose gold (yes, rose gold) designs completely drew me in, and no doubt some of you guys were intrigued too.

Thanks to a sale from Boots (I love you Boots for that) and also my own brush-loving self, I now own 3 out of the 6 in the line and seeing as they’re not the cheapest brushes out there, I figured that sharing whether they’re ‘worth it’ or not would probably be quite useful for you all.

IMG_4773 IMG_4776

As with any El-Esque review, let’s kick things off with the packaging & price.

The Bold Metals brushes look very luxurious… And their price tags look rather luxurious, too. This powder brush costs £25 from Boots (I believe that it used to be £25.99 so you’re saving 99p there) which seems expensive initially, but that’s only because it’s sitting alongside affordable brushes on drugstore shelves. If it was sold with MAC or Bobbi Brown brushes you would notice that the prices are relatively affordable for a high-end brush, which these technically are.

The packaging, as I’ve mentioned, is just so beautiful. I’ll show you some more close-up snaps if you scroll down a bit, but the brushes feel weighty and well-made, and are an excellent decoration for your beauty table.

real techniques bold metals powder brush
The colour of the handle carries on into the bristles
real techniques bold metals powder brush
The brush is a paddle shape, designed to lie flat on the skin
real techniques bold metals powder brush
The diamond shaped handle prevents the brush from rolling about when you put it down

The bristles of the brushes in the Bold Metals line are still synthetic, although they may not seem it at first, which means that they’re really easy to clean and can be used with both cream and powder products with no problems at all.

The thing that I want to point out though is that Pixiwoo (the sister makeup artists who designed these brushes) made a selling point that the bristles feel so incredibly, unbelievably soft… So I was expecting them so be phenomenal.

And they are soft, don’t get me wrong, but unlike the original Real Techniques brushes, I can tell that they’re synthetic and not real hair, as they feel a little plastic-y. See how the bristles form a paddle shape? On either side of the paddle you get to feel the bristles when they’re totally flat instead of the tip, and I can say that although they still feel really soft, there’s a hint of synthetic there, definitely.

I bought this brush for powder and bronzer, but I also thought it’d be good for blusher which I soon realised was not true! It applied my blusher really patchily and was too big to fit onto the apples of my cheeks really. It does apply bronzer and powder beautifully though.

So… My final verdict.

Yes, this brush is very beautiful. Yes, it’s pretty to look at. And yes, it applies powder and bronzer fantastically. (But I’ll tell you a secret – it doesn’t do it any better than the original, far more pocket-friendly Real Techniques brushes… Shh, don’t tell anyone).

It’s a nice enough brush, but if I lost it and came round to the decision of rushing out to buy it or living without it… I can’t say I’d be totally lost, as I probably reach for my original brushes more? I’m just being honest!

You can buy this powder brush here from Boots.

Have you tried the Bold Metals brushes? What do you think? Are they worth the money?

El x

5 thoughts on “RT Bold Metals // 100 Arched Powder Brush | Review

  1. Hey thanks for the review 💋 I was always on the fence to spend on these bold metal collection from RT as i never liked the famous must have RT expert face brush cause it was so scratchy on the skin. But i will buy the core collection may be i got the wrong batch.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Ooh definitely do! If you’d rather not buy the full set just try the blush brush which comes alone – it’s FANTASTIC & is my go-to brush for absolutely everything!
        And you’re welcome lovely – have a great rest of your week! xx

        Liked by 1 person

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