Zovea Mixed Metals Palette | Review

Having heard endless five star reviews about the Zoeva brush line I decided to take a trip to the sofa with my laptop and have a wee wander about their site. But instead of purchasing any brushes (the ones I was planning to purchase were sold out) I headed to the checkout with my virtual basket full of a few makeup products that I was really keen to try – one of which being the Mixed Metals Eyeshadow Palette!

From checking out some swatches it looked very different to anything else that I owned, and was interested to see how I would fair with it.


I bought this palette off the actual Zoeva website, but you can also order it from Beauty Bay.

It cost me around Β£15, but I then had to pay for shipping so off the top of my head I think I paid nearer Β£20 – not a bad price at all for a 10-colour palette!

The packaging, although nothing too glamourous, is perfect really. It is cardboard but there’s nothing flimsy about it at all, and it has a decent magnetic closure which’ll easily keep it from opening up in your makeup bag on the go!
Speaking of on the go – this palette is so sleek and slim that it would be just perfect for travelling!


zoeva mixed metals palette11

So here are the shades:

Alloy: Purple-tinged taupe shimmer – Quite possibly my favourite shade from the palette, as I love a good plum shadow and this one’s very unique.
Neo Brass: Golden olive green shimmer – Not really my cup of tea as it’s quite a bold colour, but the pigment’s beautiful.
Bronce: Deeper moss green shimmer – I find this shade much easier to pull off as it has a more neutral undertone so it’s not as bold.
Rusty Steel: Medium bronze shimmer – Who doesn’t love a good bronze at the end of the day?! This shade is so beautiful and would suit every single skin tone.
Copper Plate: Rusty-red copper shimmer – Probably the most unique shade from the palette, and definitely not the easiest to pull of as red isn’t the most flattering on me! When used sparingly though it can look beautiful.
Warm Silver: Pale pink with silver shimmer – Although this wouldn’t suit everyone I love popping it on the brow-bone or pressing it in my inner corners for instant brightness.
Platinum: Green-toned silver shimmer – Yes, another green, but my favourite out of the three available in this palette! So pretty on the centre of the lid.
Ore Stone: Medium blue shimmer – This is a different shade than I’m used to! I like smudging it along the lower lashline for a pop of colour!
Aluminium: Silver glitter – This one is probably the chunkiest out of the bunch, which is why I’ve described it as a glitter rather than a smooth shimmer. It’s still very pretty; just a slightly different formula!
Onyx: Matte black. The only matte of the palette is so, so pigmented and not powdery whatsoever. It’s fantastic to use as liner or so really deepen the crease.


zoeva mixed metals paletteLeft to Right: Alloy – Neo Brass – Bronce – Rusty Steel – Copper Plate – Warm Silver – Platinum – Ore Stone – Aluminium – Onyx

I have to admit that although I was excited to try these shadows I was definitely not expecting to be blown away. Let’s just say that I’m a bit of an eyeshadow snob, and I do tend to lean towards my Urban Decay & MAC on a daily basis.

However, Zoeva proved me wrong! These shadows proved to be incredible – creamy, buttery, rich in pigment, easily buildable and blendable and overall extremely high-end; not at all something you’d expect to find for under Β£20! There’s minimal fallout too which is also a plus – blue foundation was never going to be cute after all.

Overall the Mixed Metals Palette has totally blown me away! I think it’s very unique in the colour selection but the quality is the main aspect that’s made me desperate to collect more.

Would you be brave enough to try these bright shades?

El x


14 thoughts on “Zovea Mixed Metals Palette | Review

    1. A perfect description there my lovely! The quality of the brand for the price is just unbeatable!
      Which palettes have you tried? I’m desperate to expand my collection! xx

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Ooh I haven’t actually heard of that particular palette! If it’s of similar quality to this one though it should be brilliant! Let me know how you get on if you decide to try it x


    1. I definitely need to invest in some brushes from the brand too! They’re supposed to be amazing.
      This palette is a great one to give a go; the colours are so unique and I love the formula xx

      Liked by 1 person

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