November Beauty Favourites

The month of November has flashed by, almost before I could breathe in!

Usually I’m not a fan of this particular month – it’s getting colder, it’s not quite Christmas yet and everyone’s just anticipating the festive season.

However, I’ve had a fantastic November surprisingly – and it’s been prime time to try out lots of new beauty products and uncover plenty of favourites.


The first is a new kid on the block – it’s from MAC and it’s the Fix + Prep and Prime facial mist.

As I’ve mentioned several, several times here on my blog, I am an extremely dry skinned gal. Flakes, roughness, patchy foundation – been there, done that. So when it comes to applying makeup, because my canvas isn’t perfect, my makeup isn’t perfect either. I try to go for dewy foundations and avoid matte ones, but no matter the price tag, brand or finish it’ll pretty definitely cling to a dry patch.

And then if I’m using a combination of powders on top of that my skin just looks drier than ever.
MAC’s Fix + FIXES (see what I did there) all of those woes as quick as a spritz. It takes away the powdery layer that settles on top of my makeup and also does something magical to my blusher, bronzer and highlighter – it meshes them all together to give the most natural finish. It doesn’t necessarily make my makeup last longer, but it does stop it going cakey.


Now onto some eye products that I’ve been enjoying recently.
The first is this beautiful quad from Tom Ford. It’s in the shade Seductive Rose.

So… Yes. This is stupidly expensive. And no, I don’t think that this is something that, if it’s totally out of your budget, you should really be desperate for. Go for a Naked palette if you really want to splurge.

However, if you really do want to invest in something crazy luxury, I wouldn’t look much further that this little slice of heaven.
The shades are so richly pigmented and buttery that they almost feel like a cream, and the glittery shades are impeccable – far from chunky or scratchy like those from brands such as Bobbi Brown. They feel like a gloss on the fingertip.

As for the matte shades, there’s nothing quite like them! They’re beautifully buildable and slip into the crease so seamlessly.

Overall, this is a stupidly expenisve product… But I can’t help being slightly obsessed with it!


Another eye product that I have been loving is about as far from Tom Ford as you can get – this eyeliner from MUA cost me a whopping Β£1!

I just grabbed the nearest liner a while ago in Superdrug and once I got home I thought I’d hate it. It seemed very thick, wet, glossy and the applicator was a brush rather than a pen nib, so I guessed that it would be impossible to work with.

I was pleasantly surprised! It’s got a fantastic pigment and is actually quite easy to use, although you probably want to practice with it first. It stays on the lashline all day long without fading or crumbling in the slightest.

And the final product that I want to discuss is MAC’s Soar Lip Pencil – something I am sure that you will all already be familiar with!

Although the formula’s lovely and creamy, it’s mainly the colour that I love about this pencil. It’s a brown-pink, yes, but it’ll match my pale nudes, dark nudes, bolder pinks, berries… The list is endless.

I’ve just been applying my lipstick of choice and gently adding a bit of definition around the edge with the lip liner. It looks beautiful and is my go-to lip product at the minute without a doubt!

What have you loved throughout November? Let me know.

El xx

8 thoughts on “November Beauty Favourites

    1. Seeing it in the pan just doesn’t do it justice, I have to say! I’ll be reviewing the palette soon so keep an eye out for a swatch – it’s just a gorgeous colour! x

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    1. It’s rather ridiculously priced my lovely, I have to agree! This is definitely one to splurge on if you happen to win the lottery… I can’t get enough of it and now need them all! xxx

      Liked by 1 person

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