Benefit Rockateur Blusher | Review

Benefit is just one of those brands that I can’t really say no to – I mean, it’s everything from the cute, bold packaging to the creative names, to the buzz that their products get online.

I’ve just been a Benefit fan for so long now, and the Boxed Powders are just some of my top picks from their gorgeous selection of products!

I reviewed Coralista here a little while back because I loved it so much, and since then I’ve also purchased Rockateur and figured I’d share my thoughts on this blusher too.





The packaging of the Boxed Powders from Benefit is a rather controversial topic if you ask me. There’s people who complain that it’s expensive makeup in a cardboard box, and there’s others who think that the packaging is cute and quirky.

I suppose I sit somewhere in the middle of that. Yes, it’s cardboard for over £20 which is different than I’m used to (and it’s NOT ideal for travelling!) but I love the way that Benefit’s the only brand that has this style and therefore is one to remember.

As for the price… This ain’t cheap, but nothing from the brand is really! For 5g you pay £23.50, but at the moment Debenhams have a sale on so you can save a couple of pounds and get it for £21.15.


The colour is definitely one that is right up my alley for sure – that classic pink with a hint of peach and some shimmer is one that I know suits my skin tone, and pairs nicely with my favourite lipsticks and eyeshadow looks. I think anyone with any skin colour could make this work for them – on paler skin it’s quite a deep, autumnal tone but on those of you with much darker skin it’d be a gorgeous peachy sheen.

When you first purchase the blusher and it’s been untouched it almost looks to have chunky glitter particles in, but get past that overspray and you’ll get to the pretty satin formula beneath!

It lasts pretty much all day/night on my skin – I use it either alone or with a spritz of Fix + and it works beautifully either way.

Overall this might be a pricey number but I do think it’s worth looking into if you’re in the market for a new blusher and your willing to spend that little bit more.


Have you tried Rockateur? What do you think?

El xx


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