theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer | Worth the Hype?

theBalm’s Mary-Lou has been raved about over the internet for quite some time now, and no doubt you’ve seen endless swatches of oh-so-glowing cheekbones spamming your Instagram feeds.

Well, me too.

So I decided to give in and took a trip to my local Debenhams store to pick one up myself, because trust me when I say that I wanted some of that cheekbone action too.



I always thought that theBalm was up there with Benefit in terms of price point as the packaging is kind of similar (although I have to say that I prefer theBalm’s packaging to Benefit’s by FAR) but turns out it’s actually a fair bit cheaper – think The Body Shop, think MAC, and then theBalm sits somewhere around here.

I believe this cost me Β£17.50 and I purchased it from Debenhams, although it’s also available on feelunique and on the Superdrug website. For this price you get 8.5g of product, and considering you only need the teeniest bit I doubt you’d run out of it in a hurry!

I absolutely love the packaging – it’s got that quirky Benefit twist minus the cardboard which makes it fab for travelling! It’s a good sturdy compact with a good ol’ *click* (satisfying) and also has a decent sized mirror in there too.

The actual colour of any highlighter is the most important aspect to me – on my very fair skin a deep bronze shimmer probably won’t be the most flattering!

I generally go for a silver-pink tone, as I feel on pale skin this is the only shade that doesn’t look too muddy but still shows up. That’s probably the main reason that I was reluctant to try Mary-Lou, Because it’s definitely not a pink tone – it’s more of that classic champagne shade that hasn’t worked for me in the past but I was still keen to give it a whirl!

I was totally wrong! Well, no, I wasn’t totally wrong, as yes it’s not pink, yes it’s more of a champagne, but no it doesn’t look muddy on me and yes I absolutely love it. You only need the smallest amount as it’s extremely, extremely pigmented, but I can really tell the difference from when I do & don’t use it and to me that says a lot.

The texture is very soft and buttery, which I’ve heard can be a problem in terms of smashing. Mine’s been good so far *touches wood* but let me know if you’ve struggled with that!

Overall I definitely do think that this highlighter’s worth the gossip, and you should definitely check it out if you’re on the market for a bit of glow!

Have you tried Mary-Lou – or any of the other theBalm highlighters? Did you love or loathe? Let me know!

El x

30 thoughts on “theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer | Worth the Hype?

  1. This product is definitely worth the hype πŸ™‚ Its so affordable and yet so pigmented just love it ❀ Its a must have for every one πŸ™‚

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  2. I adore Mary-Lou highlighter! I’ve been using it every day since September and it still looks almost unused. I love how pigment it is and the glow it gives to my face. I even wrote about it in my blog post called ” Top 5 Products ” πŸ™‚

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    1. Haha same here – mine looks totally untouched! I absolutely adore the sheen that it gives my cheeks; it’s unlike any highlighter I’ve ever owned before!
      Have a great week lovely! xx

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    1. Haha thank you Rachel! I lusted after it for what seemed like years too until I finally took the plunge in a treat-yourself sort of moment.
      100% worth saving for though. A Christmas present from you to you maybe…? πŸ™‚ xx

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    1. Thank you my lovely – it’s well worth checking out; you won’t be disappointed I can assure you!
      And yes, I’ve heard they sell it in some Superdrugs but unfortunately the brand isn’t stocked in any of my local ones. Debenhams all the way!
      If you can’t get hold of one in store try feelunique – the delivery is free & so quick! xx

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