Winter Beauty Haul

I actually managed to complete an unintentional spending ban right the way through November – yay!

The last time I actually spent money on makeup was back in October… So I used that as an excuse to do some aimless wandering about my local shopping centre and ended up leaving with some new goodies.

I thought I’d write a lil’ post on them today for you, as I’m in love with ALL of them and can’t wait to start reviewing ASAP!


The first item technically wasn’t so recent, as I think I bought this right at the very end of October & have already reviewed it HERE – but I haven’t hauled it yet so it still counts!

theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer has been raved about for so long, and I’ve lusted after it for so long… But for some unknown reason I just never quite jumped on the bandwagon! I realised it would be a good idea to purchase it as I own no other powder highlighters: I have a couple of liquids which I love, but they can be tricky to use and I like that I can use this on the eyes if I’m ever in a pinch too.

The formula is beautifully soft and buttery and is very easy to apply – although it’s extremely pigmented so beware!


I then popped into MAC for a mooch and ended up with a few lipsticks (two, to be precise, but one I gave to my mum to put away as a Christmas present as she had no ideas! That was Syrup by the way)!

Never did I ever think that I would pluck up the courage to buy Rebel, but somewhere inside me that bravery appeared and I took the plunge. Man, this is just beautiful!

I’m generally terrified of any kind of dark lipstick, but I like that with Rebel you can blot it down to a stain and mix it with nudes, so I’ll still get plenty of wear from it.


And the final item I was not at all planning to purchase, but I’ve been after a perfect plum-toned blusher for what seems like forever. I can just never find the exact shade I’m looking for!

I originally went to Boots, but they didn’t dish up the goods this time for some reason, so I decided that NARS was the way forward! It was here that I found the one I’d been looking for!

Despite having to deal with aΒ rude girl behind the counter (#notclassy) I did leave with Seduction – a beautiful berry shade perfect for the festive season. I only bought it yesterday but tried it out today and I’m totally obsessed! It blended perfectly and I even used it in the eye socket for that cranberry colour, and it worked like a dream.

It’s not often I fall in love with a product so quickly… Well worth the splurge!


Me, me, me!

El x

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