Luxury Makeup Musts | Winter Edition

Since it ’tis the season to treat yourself, I thought that sharing my top picks in terms of wintry makeup on the pricier side of the scale might prove handy to some of you.

I suppose you could say that this acts as a gift guide for someone who you know is a makeup lover… But it’s mainly just a way to help you yourself get that festive spirit on your face.


In my opinion, getting the base right is extremely important during these chilly months. As the weather gets colder, my skin just goes totally downhill – looking dull, feeling tight, flakiness… It’s not a good look, any of it, so by choosing the right foundation and powder products you’re off to a flying start. Blusher, for me, makes the biggest difference.

As well as pinks, which I love at every other time of the year, I think that plums and berry tones look so gorgeous – they’ll compliment your vampy lipsticks and give you a natural outdoor glow.

I personally have a thing for NARS Seduction at the minute. It’s not just the colour – the powder itself is so finely milled and it blends seamlessly.


Since we’re talking luxury, I personally feel that it would be a crime to not mention Tom Ford in some way. The brand justΒ says luxury – from the colours, to the packaging… To the price tags!

I think that the Eye Colour Quad in Seductive Rose has pretty colours that are festive without being that ‘traditional’ smokey eye. Seeing as I have been wearing more berry tones when it comes to cheeks, lips and clothing too, adding some of that shade onto the lids could never be a bad thing.

The formula of the shadows from Tom Ford are just my favourite (minus the price)! The satin shades blend easily into the crease and those glitter topcoats… Well, nothing says festive more, eh?


And finally, finally, time for a little lip talk. I have chosen Rebel from MAC to be my winter lipstick choice this year, which is totally unexpected as I am a bold lips wimp!

This photo doesn’t really do it justice I have to say; in real life the product is much darker and more vampy.

The formula is a satin which has fantastic longevity – it’ll still be lingering there even after a three course Christmas dinner!

What’d your favourite wintry makeup product?

El x

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