The Creamy Matte Colour Tattoos | First Impressions

To round off my week of Blogmas, I thought I’d just pop up a quick post about my first impressions of the new Colour Tattoos from Maybelline – the Creamy Mattes!

I’m already a huge fan of the original Colour Tattoos, and when I popped into Boots yesterday I spotted some of the new formula and grabbed some to review for you.


I picked up two shades – Crème De Rose and Crème De Nude.

I was initially drawn to Crème De Nude as I’ve been considering investing in Painterly Paintpot from MAC to use as a neutralising base for eyeshadow. However, MAC products aren’t exactly cheap and so I figured I should try this one first and see what I think!

As the Maybelline counter was on a 3-for-2 offer and I was already picking up a new Brow Drama gel anyway, I went back for a second shade and found Crème De Rose. It’s a really unique colour; a cool toned taupe with a rose tint to it.


I wore these eyeshadows today – well, for the full 12 hours I wore my makeup! – and am kind of in two minds about them.

I applied Crème De Nude all over the lid and up to the brow with my finger, and although it was a little tacky and tricky to blend, it did a fantastic job at concealing veins and discolouration on my lids.

The Crème De Rose shade, i.e. the one I was most excited about, kind of let me down. The colour barely showed up at all unless I was in direct natural daylight, and the colour creased on my lid… Although I did apply it on top of the nude shade, so perhaps the layer was too thick.

Either way, whether I grow to love this shade or hate it, there’s no problem really! If I like it I’ll wear it alone and if not I think the slightly tacky texture would adhere glitter shadows to the lid brilliantly!

I’m going to continue to persevere with these over the holidays and I’ll be back with a full review as soon as possible!

Have you tried the matte Colour Tattoos? Do you prefer them/dislike them to the originals?

El x


I’m so sad that my Blogmas week is over… It went so quickly! I hope you guys have enjoyed this quick little series. Here’s links to all of the posts if you missed any:

That’s all from me! I wish you all a beautiful, smile-filled Christmas and I’ll be back next week with a new post! I love you all!


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