I spent HOW much on a lipstick?!

Yup, that’s right. £40 on a lipstick. I must be crazy?

It’s the kind of purchase that punches you right there in the stomach when you hand over the cash, but I’ve been meaning to invest in a Tom Ford lipstick for just one day too long, so today I popped into my local Selfridges and made the investment! *nervous squeal*

Although I haven’t owned it long enough to do a full review obviously, I was too excited not to share my first impressions with you and have a little moan about the guilty sea that I’m currently swimming in.


So here it is!

I suppose the packaging kind of speaks for itself when it comes to the price – it’s a square tube but the bullet is a regular shape, it’s heavy and it’s in the classic gold and maroon colours that all Ford’s products are encased in. Oh, and not to mention the gorgeous ‘TF’ engraved into the slanted part of the bullet! Beautiful, but I’m not sure how I’m going to use it as I’m definitely one for keeping things looking pretty.


In terms of the actual lipstick itself (after all, I wouldn’t recommend paying this much just for a cute tube), I picked up the shade Pussycat which is from the Lip Colour Matte range. I’m not usually a fan of super matte lipsticks, but I do like that with a matte you can customise the finish by using a gloss on top or a balm underneath.

The sales assistant at the counter applied it to my lips and I instantly fell in love. Although it is matte, it still has Brazilian murumuru butter as one of the ingredients so it’s really hydrating and has a thick, creamy formula. Although the formula is quite creamy it doesn’t settle into any of the lines in my lips like some YSL lipsticks do, and it glides over imperfections and dry patches too.

The aspect I loved the most about the formula though is that I had it applied at about 1:30 this afternoon, wore it all throughout the rest of the day and even ate at about 6 and the product still looked exactly the same as when I had first applied it. I mean, is that longevity or what?!

So, overall, although I may hate the price of this lipstick, my first impressions are 5 star and I can’t wait to get using it more.

Have you tried anything from Tom Ford? What do you think?

El x

13 thoughts on “I spent HOW much on a lipstick?!

    1. Goodness I know, the price is so high! 😦 and yes, I will have a full review of it ASAP with swatches on my hand and on my lips. I’ll let you know when that’s posted! 🙂 xx


    1. Or a gorgeous pair of shoes! The price is mad, I know my lovely. I’d recommend putting a couple of pounds away each week. You won’t notice they’re gone and you will have saved enough in no time xx


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