My Top 5 Neutral Lipsticks

Being quite shy when in comes to makeup and a general lover of a nude, natural look, neutral lipsticks will always hold a place in my heart! It’s just what I reach for most; no matter the colour clothes, eyeshadow or face makeup I’m wearing. Nude lipsticks go with just about everything, so I do have a fair few in my stash!

I thought that today I would share with you my favourite 5, because I’m fully aware that choosing your perfect nude shade can be a tricky challenge, and hopefully this can give you some ideas.


So here are my top choices!

L’Oréal Collection Exclusive // JLo’s Nude £6.99 | Despite being one of the more affordable lipsticks featured in this post, I can’t help but adore my JLo’s nude! The formula is really gorgeous; a relatively sheer and creamy consistency with good colour payoff. It’s also extremely moisturising and easy to wear, so I love throwing this in my handbag if I’m sure to be applying on the go, perhaps without a mirror.

YSL Volupte Sheer Candy // 8 Iced Plum £26 | This one’s a tad on the pricey end of the scale but I still think it’s worth the splurge if you’re one to treat yourself! I purchased this because I knew just how much I would wear it – as it’s so sheer it’s very easy to wear and goes with just about everything, but because it has a slight purple undertone it adds some colour instead of being a basic nude shade. Despite it’s sheer formula it has incredible lasting power… And just look at that packaging! Click here for a review.

Tom Ford Lip Colour Matte // Pussycat £38 | Now this lipstick kind of punches you right in the stomach when you see the price tag – nearly £40 is just insane, as I mentioned in my first impressions here. However, this aside, I’ve fallen head over heels for this beautiful lipstick – the product, not just the packaging! The colour is a very unique, warm pink with strong mauve-purple undertones and I’ve never seen anything like it before. Although matte the formula is still incredibly creamy and rich in pigment, gliding over dry patches or imperfections with ease. It also lasts at least 6 hours without having to touch up even once! That deserves a round of applause in itself!

MAC Lustre Lipstick // Syrup £15.50 | Syrup is one of MAC’s classic lipsticks that every makeup lover should really have in their stash. All the beauty YouTubers and bloggers rave about it, so I gave it a try and really have to agree with them. Similar to the YSL it has a purple undertone but it’s slightly warmer and more pink, making it one I reach for slightly more often. The Lustre formula is one of my favourites from MAC as it’s moisturising and glossy whilst still having excellent pigment!

Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick // 08 £5.49 | I would probably have to say that 08 from Rimmel is my most worn lipstick ever. Honestly, I’d put money on the fact that it will be my first lipstick repurchase! I just love this colour, because it really is my perfect ‘my lips but better’ shade that just goes with absolutely everything. The formula is very thick but not drying at all and it doesn’t settle into any lines in my lips or cling to imperfections. It also has brilliant lasting power and wears off evenly!

top 5 nude lipsticks1

So there’s some swatches to round off my top 5 neutral lipsticks post! I hope I gave you some inspiration of new lipsticks to check out if you’re in the market for a natural product.

What’s your favourite neutral lipstick?

El x



20 thoughts on “My Top 5 Neutral Lipsticks

    1. I would agree, although I’m doing my very best to branch out of the neutrals and find some courage with bolder colours! 🙂 I also love Kate Moss 08; it’s just so easy to wear! xx


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