Benebalm VS Posiebalm | Benefit

Seeing as spring is (finally!) here, I’m all too ready to crack out the brighter colours and quick beauty fixes. As I know that I’ll be using my two sheer Hydrating Lip Balms from Benefit a lot as the weather begins to heat up, I thought I’d review them for you guys today to possibly offer some spring-appropriate inspiration!


Price & Packaging

Benefit never fail to lure me in with their cute packaging, and the lip balms have not disappointed me! They’re in sleek, reflective tubes in the colour of the balm, and then each one has as a unique pattern on the lid.

However, Benefit isn’t cheap, and they cost £14.50 each – not cheap for a sheer lip colour! Both tubes hold 3g of product though which is an average amount. Just because the tubes are small doesn’t mean they’ve scraped on product!


P1030354 (2)
Benefit’s Posiebalm (L) and Benebalm (R)


Colour & Formula

There are four balms in the ‘Tinted Hydrating Lip Balm’ range, each one corresponding to the famous liquid lip and cheek tints also available from Benefit: Benetint, Posietint, Lollitint and Cha-Chatint. Posiebalm is baby pink and Benebalm is a rosy shade. When applied, Posiebalm adds a pretty pink gloss and Benebalm deepens my natural lip colour.

I like the formula of these balms; very creamy and, as the name would suggest, hydrating! They take a bit of work to build up though, because they are so sheer, but they leave a gorgeous glossy finish. They smell slightly fruity but the scent isn’t overpowering at all.

Although I enjoy how they look, I’m just not sure if they’re worth your money! I have already worn them a fair bit, simply because they’re so moisturising and low maintenance, but I just think that you can find products too similar from Boots or Superdrug. Take the Maybelline Baby Lips for example: sure, the packaging isn’t quite as cute, but they are just as sheer and leave a brightening glossy finish behind.

I also haven’t found them to last very long. I’ll give them just over an hour at the most, but if you’re eating or drinking in that time they totally vanish. If you apply the corresponding lip tint before hand though they do last a lot longer.

Overall, although I get a fair amount of wear out of these sheer balms, I just don’t think they’re special enough to warrant the price! You can find something just as good at a much more affordable price point!

Have you tried the Balms from Benefit? Were you impressed…?

El x

9 thoughts on “Benebalm VS Posiebalm | Benefit

    1. I actually like some sheer products from high-end brands, as long as they have some pigment to them. For me these ones are too sheer and too similar to products from the drugstore! 😦 xx


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