The Body Shop’s Instablur | Worth the Hype?

If you’ve been a consistent reader of my posts you’ll probably know that I’m not usually one for using a primer – they tend to cake up my makeup, be greasy, and it’s just another step to add on in the morning when I could be sleeping.

I’ve tried a whole bunch of primers from different brands at different price points, but none of them have impressed me to the point that I have repurchased. However, I popped into The Body Shop a couple of weeks ago just for a little mooch, and came across the Instablur (which you can read about in my haul HERE). It really appealed to me because it isn’t branded specifically as a primer, and I’d heard lots of positive things about it online!

Anyway, somehow it hopped off of the shelf and into my hands, and I ended up purchasing it. So I may as well review it, eh?


Price & Packaging

In terms of price, The Body Shop’s makeup products sit somewhere between drugstore ad high-end; they’re in the same realm as MAC, if you will. For 25ml (bear in mind that foundation bottles tend to hold around 30ml), I paid £14. It’s not necessarily cheap, but you’re getting almost the same amount as a foundation bottle and you only need the teeniest little bit!

I like that the packaging is a squeezy tube because this way you can make sure that you utilise every last drop of the product – you could even snip the top off and scoop the remains out if you’re that desperate to get your money’s worth! However, because it’s white, it doesn’t stay pretty for long. I took these photos when I had just purchased the product, but after a few days of living in my makeup bag it had gotten rather grubby, and the marks don’t come off because the plastic has a matte texture!


When I first squeezed out a blob to look at the texture once I got home, I was slapping myself, because it does feel quite greasy and thick at first. But once you smooth it over the skin it fully absorbs and feels as though there’s nothing there at all.

As I said, I’m not a primer-loving chick – but I have to say, I freaking love this thing! It’s clear, so you don’t have to worry about matching yourself correctly, and I apply it through my T-zone. That’s where I get most oily throughout the day, especially on my nose. Usually I’ll have to take a powder compact out in my handbag or something to quickly touch up when I get a minute, but when I wear this my T-zone stays totally shine-free all day long! No creasing, no cakiness, so excess oil, nothing. My foundation looks as good as when I first applied it.

My only complaint is that I find blending over the top of it a bit tricky, as my foundation tends to go onto the skin streakily and take a bit more buffing out, but once that’s out of the way my skin stays looking great.

The ‘5-action’ claims are:
12 hour shine control
Reduces appearance of pores
Blemish hiding
Complexion Unifying
Makeup extending

I agree that it reduces shine, extends makeup and reduces pore appearance, but I don’t agree that it hides blemishes – I mean, it’s clear?!

Overall I would rate the Instablur 4/5 and would definitely recommend it to you guys! It doesn’t hide blemishes and blending can be time-consuming, but the main thing is that it keeps my foundation looking flawless all day long, and for that I’m pretty sure I’ll be repurchasing. Try it for yourself here.

Have you tried the Instablur? Do you like it?

El x

11 thoughts on “The Body Shop’s Instablur | Worth the Hype?

    1. Oh you won’t be disappointed my lovely! If it works for you like it has for me it’ll become your holy grail… I’ve tried several primers and this is just my absolute favourite now! It’s brilliant! 🙂 xx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Sorry for the late reply gorgeous – but honestly, I love love LOVE this product and I can totally tell the difference when I use it to when I don’t.
        And thank you! That’s a sweet idea! 🙂 xx


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