Sleek Precious Metals Highlighting Palette | Review

Seeing as my recent review of the Solstice Highlighting Palette (here) went down so well with you guys, I decided to review and swatch the shade Precious Metals too, seeing as it is just as beautiful and deserves just as much love!

Despite the fact that I own both of the palettes, they’re very different so there will definitely be one that you prefer.



Price & Packaging

I absolutely love the packaging of this palette – unlike Solstice which is gold, it comes in a gunmetal grey mirrored compact – reminding me of something from Burberry? Either way, it’s a very pretty compact with a satisfying magnetic *snap* shut and a little brush – although that’s personally not really my cup of tea as it’s plastic-y and scratchy.

Despite this, I think that for just £10 the overall appearance of the palette gets 5 stars from me!


Inside, there are four different shades:

Platinum: Cream Highlighter / White silver: This is probably the shade in the palette that would be best for those of you with a paler skin tone, as it’s very light and relatively opaque; not too sheer. It has a nice creamy formula that blends beautifully onto the complexion and looks great on the brow bone or across the cheeks for a natural sheen.
Royal Gold: Cream Highlighter / Golden Glitter: Although supposedly the same formula as Platinum, I’m not too keen on this shade at all because it has large glitter particles in it, which makes the consistency chunky and less smooth. I would personally be more likely to use this on the eyes as a simple sweep of sparkle instead of on my face!
Renaissance Gold: Cream Highlighter / Peachy Glow: This shade has the same beautifully creamy formula as Platinum, which is great news! There are no chunky glitter particles and so the effect on the skin is much more natural. I also enjoy the fact that this shade is more peach, whereas Royal Gold is more gold – which doesn’t suit me quite as much.
Antique Bronze: Powder Highlighter / Warm Bronze: This is the only powder product in the palette, but unfortunately it does not suit me AT ALL! It’s a lovely creamy formula but is definitely too warm for my personal taste. I think it would look gorgeous on anyone with a darker complexion though.

sleek precious metals highlighting palette

Unlike Solstice in which the shades have more variety and colour to them, the options in the Precious Metals palette are very neutral and natural.

My favourite shade is definitely Renaissance Gold! I love that peachy tone and I don’t have anything like it in my collection, especially in a cream formula. Despite enjoying this shade I don’t really get that much wear out of the others, purely because I find face products with a powder formula much easier to work with and I feel the colours would work much better on someone with a darker complexion.

There’s two palettes for a reason – you’ll love one and not suit the other so much! I definitely prefer Solstice, but I still enjoy the shades in this palette and will continue to play around with them!

What’s your favourite highlighter?

El x

33 thoughts on “Sleek Precious Metals Highlighting Palette | Review

    1. I wish Becca was more easily accessible in the UK! Their products look just beautiful! 😦 However I am currently looking into the Hourglass powders and have my eye on several shades… They’re gorgeous! 🙂 xx

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      1. They don’t have a huge selection of it though!! 😦 and yes I’ve heard lots of brilliant things about them! Saving my pennies… 😉 xx

        Liked by 1 person

    1. They’re lovely shades aren’t they! 🙂 When it comes to using a cream I definitely had to practice a bit – I have to say, powders are so much easier to work with!!
      And have you looked online my lovely? Sleek now ship to the US! There’s free delivery over a certain amount, so it might be worth picking up several things at once – they’re blushers are brilliant and I’ve also heard that their eyeshadow palettes are great too!
      Here’s the link to this palette: xx


    1. Dang it! Yet another person making me NEED Champagne Pop! I wish I could access it easily here in the UK – you lucky thing 😦 And yes, I’ve seen ABH swatches and they look very alike 🙂 xx

      Liked by 1 person

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