L’Oréal Infallible Mega Glosses | Review & Lip Swatches

During spring, I really fall back in love with lip gloss. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a tube of the stuff in my bag all year round, but I just love how glossy lips brighten the face and compliment dewy, fresh skin when the sun’s starting to emerge.

Last time I popped into Boots there was a 3 for 2 on L’Oréal – in fact, it may still be running! – so I took advantage of the offer and purchased three of their cream glosses!

Here are my thoughts & some swatches!


As I said, I chose three shades; two wearable colours and one that packs a punch in the colour department.

I really like the packaging of these products – it’s simple and chic which I like when it comes to makeup. There’s no unnecessary bulk to squeeze into your little clutch bag on a night out! The lids are glossy black and you can see the colour of the actual product through the tube itself. The applicator isn’t doe-foot; it’s more of a triangular shape which is very flexible and easy to use.

These glosses retail for £6.99 each, so a little more pricey if you look at Barry M and Collection, but still a good affordable gloss if you ask me!


L’Oréal Infallible Mega Glosses in the shades Mafia Gloss, Protest Queen & Girl on Top

Here are the three shades!

Mafia Gloss is a gorgeous hot pink with coral undertones, which is fantastic for when your skin and eye makeup is super basic, because it adds a bright pop of pigment but is still more wearable than a lipstick because of its slightly sheer look.
Protest Queen is a classic nude gloss that everyone should own in their collection! It has a cool undertone and is mainly beige with a slight tint of pink. This colour looks beautiful on top of any nude lipstick.
Girl on Top is just so pretty for the spring time – although when are baby pinks not beautiful?! I absolutely love this shade too and it goes with just about any makeup look.

In terms of the formula, I can’t get enough of it. The glosses aren’t sticky in the slightest, but they have the tiniest tack to them which means that they’ll last much longer than something slippery. They’re very creamy to apply, which isn’t an issue with the paler colours but that hot pink does NOT look cute when it’s smudged around your mouth… Let’s just say it’s a colour for the mirror at home.

Because they are a ‘cream’ formula, they wear much better than a traditional gloss. Once the actual shine has worn away after a couple of hours, a stain is left behind which lasts for another two hours or so at least. The stain doesn’t zap the moisture from the lips though; it still has a creamy texture and feels rather like a lip balm.

loreal infallible mega glosses
L’Oréal Infallible Mega Glosses in the shades Protest Queen, Girl on Top & Mafia Gloss

Overall I would have to rate these glosses with 4.5/5! I love the colours, formula, longevity… Everything! The darker shade is slightly harder to apply but as long as you don’t apply too much at once the finished result is fantastic.

loreal lip gloss graph

Are you a lip gloss fan? What do you think of these colours?

El xx

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      1. Haha xx I might just have to try some of these out then. The only problem with lip gloss is when my hair gets stuck to my lips…

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