Real Techniques Sculpting Set Review | Sculpting, Setting & Fan Brushes

I’ve been an avid user of Real Techniques brushes ever since I started to get into makeup. Pixiwoo are such a huge success on YouTube, and their beautiful tools have made their way into my everyday routine. I couldn’t live without my Blush Brush, I swear by their eye brushes and foundation never looks quite as good as it does with the Miracle Complexion Sponge.

I’m aware that the Sculpting Set has been out for a fair while now, but it wasn’t until recently that the brushes within the set have really blown up online. It seems that every YouTuber I watch is using the Sculpting Brush for foundation and the Setting Brush for concealer, so I thought I’d try them out for myself and review them for you guys while I’m at it!

real techniques sculpting brush

So the first brush is the Sculpting Brush, and this has become so popular that you can actually purchase it alone without having to buy the three brushes as a set. I think that really says something about the popularity of this brush because the Real Techniques brushes are rarely brought out separately.

The original concept of the brush is to use with cream and powder contour products, but seeing as I’m not an avid fan of sculpting my face I adore to use this brush for foundation! Unlike regular round buffing brushes, it’s thinner shape means that it’s ideal for blending foundation around the nose, eyes and in between the brows. It’s dense enough to buff product into the skin without leaving brush streaks.

real techniques fan brush

The next brush is the Fan Brush, and it’s probably the one I was initially most excited for – I’ve never owned a brush quite like this before! I love using powder highlighters to add radiance to my complexion and this brush allows you to do that in a natural way. I pick up product on the tip of the bristles and use a light fanning motion to dust the shimmer onto the tops of my cheekbones.

It’s also a great brush for applying a sheer wash of blusher to the apples of the cheeks if the one you’re using is slightly too pigmented, and because of its shape I also like using it to give my nose a bit more shape – it fits perfectly round the sides of the nose right up to the brows to give a natural contour.

real techniques setting brush

Everyone has been going nuts for the Setting Brush at the minute, and I have to say that I wish these were sold separately because you can never have too many of a brush like this! It’s my favourite for buffing concealer, but it’s also brilliant for applying highlighter to specific areas of the face, sharpening a contour and powdering more precisely.

I’ve never tried a brush like this for concealer before because it’s more sparse and isn’t as densely packed, but I think the reason it’s so popular is because it leaves such a natural finish. While a densely packed concealer brush blends product into one area, the sparseness of this brush feathers the edges more effectively and therefore allows the product to blend into the skin better.

Overall I am totally obsessed with this beautiful brush set and have found a use for all three brushes! I bought mine from Superdrug .

What’s your favourite brush brand?

El xx


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