Seventeen Easy on the Eye Palette Review | The Big Smoke*

Hello again everyone! Hope you’re doing well.

As I’ve mentioned in the past, I’m a right eyeshadow junkie. I mean, I love all makeup, don’t get me wrong, but there’s something about smearing colour around my eyes that I seem to find rather therapeutic. I think that’s one of the main reasons I was so excited when I discovered that Seventeen were going to send me a couple of products to try out; one of which being an eyeshadow palette!

It’s in the shade The Big Smoke and it has some interesting colours so I thought I’d swatch it and share my opinions.


The first thing I truly enjoy about the palette is the packaging. It’s sleek and simple, and it also happens to be black which is a colour that I think everyone finds themselves wearing rather often! It’s a very sturdy compact (no flimsiness here folks) and has a lovely satisfying *click* shut which is always a bonus. There’s a big mirror which is likely to come in handy on the go, and it also comes with a double ended eye brush.

The palette itself costs £7.99 and I believe that there are a couple of different shades.


Left to Right: Twilight Blue, Cocoa Brown, Smokey Marble, Wild Khaki, Cool Aluminium, Illuminated Bronze, Onyx Black, Slate Grey, Cloudy Lilac, Warm Ivory, Pink Flush, Eye Primer.


The colours are definitely different to what I’m used to, but I have to say that they sort of fascinated me. I’m lacking in any colour when it comes to my eyeshadow stash and the pops of blue and purple in this palette are truly a breath of fresh air!

There are a couple of matte colours (Warm Ivory & Cloudy Lilac) but the others all have a satin or shimmer finish. I have to say that I do think the palette is lacking in a transition shade, a matte brown would be ideal, to buff into the crease. I had to dabble in another palette for that shade, which makes the travel-friendly idea initially not sound so convenient.

My favourite shades are probably Twilight Blue which is gorgeous for under the lower lashline, and I also like Wild Khaki and Cocoa Brown (which is definitely more burgundy…). Warm Ivory is the perfect shade for all over the lid too.

seventeen easy on the eye palette swatches
Left to Right: Twilight Blue, Onyx Black, Cocoa Brown, Slate Grey, Smokey Marble, Cloudy Lilac, Wild Khaki, Warm Ivory, Cool Aluminium, Pink Flush, Illuminated Bronze

Here are swatches of the eleven shadows included within the palette. Overall I would have to say that the formulation of the powders is good, but they definitely do take a little while to build up successfully. I created an eye look using Wild Khaki all over the lid and wanted to buff a little of Cocoa Brown into the crease, but I gave up eventually because I wasn’t seeing any colour payoff at all. The mattes have a nice pigment to them but again take a while to deliver a good amount of actual colour.

I think it’s great that Seventeen have decided to include some cream eyeshadows within this palette because I can’t recall another brand that’s done that before. They have a strong pigment and are easy to blend but crease really badly when worn along and because of their metallic finish I personally wouldn’t like to layer any shadow on top to set them into place. I used Cool Aluminium as an inner corner highlighter and liked, but didn’t love, it. The formula is just slightly too slippery and doesn’t adhere well to the lids.

I also think it’s brilliant that an eye primer is included. I decided to use primer on one eye and none on the other eye, and I will definitely say that you need to use the primer if you’re going to create an eye look with only the shades from this palette. Without it, the colours took longer to build, looked patchy and wore off quickly and unevenly. I wasn’t impressed with the longevity at all!

seventeen easy on the eye graph

Overall I’m not overly keen on this palette, and I don’t think I’ll be reaching for it very often, which is a big shame 😦 I am going to look into some of the single eyeshadows from the brand or maybe the Birthday Suit palette which is really popular.

Have you tried anything from Seventeen?

El x

*This post features PR samples, but all opinions are my own.


6 thoughts on “Seventeen Easy on the Eye Palette Review | The Big Smoke*

  1. I have their “Cheeks” brush and its really nice and soft-perfect size for cheeks and its really cheap! And I have their Skin Wow Primer/Highlighter, that you can use as a primer, a highlighter or mix in with your foundation to make it glow and I love it! It’s so pretty and pigmented! This palette looks lovely, such a shame its not very pigmented. Have you ever tried Makeup Revolution products? 🙂 x

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    1. I absolutely adore having dewy skin because my complexion is so dry, so I’ll have to look into the Skin Wow! 🙂 It reminds me of Nars Copacabana which I like but it’s just so pricey! 😦 And it is definitely a shame… If the colours were pigmented I would use it so much, honestly!
      I haven’t tried anything from Makeup Revolution purely because my nearest stand is always so picked over due to the brand being so popular! Which products do you like? 🙂 xx

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      1. I have the same problem, but oily skin too! Skin is very annoying, why can’t it be normal?! 😛 Yeah, it’s the same with mine. I’ve only recently started using their products and I’ve fallen in love! They’re incredibly affordable. Their Iconic 2 Palette is an amazing dupe for the Naked 2 palette, and all the shadows are stunning and so so pigmented! I also love their Vivid Baked Highlighters too, and for a huge pan its only £3! I love your blog by the way 🙂 xx

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      2. Ah you’re making me desperate to try some of their products now! 🙂 I’ve heard some of their highlighters are good dupes for the Hourglass ones and set your makeup while leaving it glowy, so I’d love to try one of those. I’m also on the hunt for a good affordable eye palette seeing as this one didn’t really work out, so maybe Makeup Revolution will be my next stop! 🙂
        And thank you my lovely, that’s very sweet of you! xx

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  2. I’m not sure I have tried anything by Seventeen (not really sure why) but find the same with a small Collection eyeshadow set I have that without the primer included the shadows are a nightmare to work with. It’s such a shame you aren’t that keen on it as the shadows themselves look like great colours.

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    1. It is such a shame, the colours are so different and I was excited to branch out. I just can’t rely on that primer; that’ll run out quite quickly and you can’t repurchase it separately 😦


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