June Favourites | 2016

Despite the fact that the weather appears to have reversed and I’ve found myself drenched several times in the past few weeks, I’ve actually rather enjoyed June as a whole and am looking forward to the rest of summer!

I’ve got a small handful of beauty favourites from the past month and I thought I’d gather them together and share with you why I love them so much!


The first product I want to share is my new obsession of the base variety – it’s from Liz Earle and it’s called the Sheer Skin Tint! I mentioned this in my haul post a couple of weeks ago.

I’ve found myself reaching for it daily since I purchased it, mainly because it feels like moisturiser on my skin. It doesn’t feel heavy or uncomfortable; in fact, I can’t feel it at all! It offers a light coverage with a gorgeous dewy finish. I just sweep a light dusting of powder through my T-zone to set everything and it actually has brilliant staying power. My dry skin often zaps moisture out of foundations and leaves my skin looking dull and patchy, but this product plumps out my complexion and keeps everything hydrated throughout the day!


It’s no secret to anyone that I have a slight obsession with Real Techniques brushes, and I’ve rediscovered the Blush Brush recently (an old classic!). As you can see it’s rather grubby because I’ve been using it constantly when it comes to applying bronzer.

It’s a domed shape so it means that the bristles do the blending for you, giving a soft dusting of any powder product and allowing it to mesh with the rest of your skin. I’ve been really loving using bronzer up on my temples lately because it gives such a natural healthy glow, and this brush allows me to do just that – even on my super pale skin!

And, as always, all Real Techniques brushes have synthetic bristles and are cruelty free. Yay!


I’ve spoken about Smokey Mauve Extra Dimension Eyeshadow from MAC for absolutely ages, but I had to give it a quick mention in my favourites too because I’ve been obsessed once again. It’s the most perfect mix of lilac and silver and the formula is rich, creamy and blendable. I’ve actually been enjoying buffing it all over the lid lightly with a sparse brush to give a wash of shimmer.

NYX has recently come to the UK (which excites me greatly… I have a haul post coming up later this week!) and I decided to try the Tinted Brow Pomade. Mine’s in the shade Expresso and it matches my dark eyebrows perfectly. I’ve never tried this type of formula before – I usually fill in my brows with powder or just gel – but I’ve been using this with a very thin brush and it works a treat because you can actually draw in tiny strokes to replicate real hairs! It also lasts a really long time on the brows, whereas powder can fall down or just disappear throughout the day.

What have you enjoyed during June? Let me know in the comments!

El x

12 thoughts on “June Favourites | 2016

  1. Omg I am so excited for the NYX haul! I went and looked at their section in Boots the other day and was completely overwhelmed by all the products and had no idea what to buy so hopefully your haul will help me πŸ˜€ I really need to get me some Real Techniques Brushes! X

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    1. You really do need to try some Real Techniques Brushes! If you’re looking for a face one the Blush Brush is definitely the best to go for; I use it for everything πŸ™‚
      And I know what you mean about the NYX counter!! There’s so much choice and there’s always a crowd around it which can be pressurising! The haul will be up on Friday so keep your eye out my lovely. Hopefully it helps you πŸ™‚ xx

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    1. I’m loving the NYX Pomade; it’s so pigmented and it lasts so well! I would definitely recommend both the eyeshadow and the Skin Tint; they’re both great products to use over the warmer months πŸ™‚ xx

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      1. If you’re used to foundation I think you’d like the Skin Tint because it offers that little bit more coverage than a tinted moisturiser!
        And yes, I use the Maybelline Brow Drama Gel to set it. I also find this makes the finished brows look more natural too πŸ™‚ xx


      2. Yes that’s true! I was thinking about trying a BB cream or something but I think I will check this out instead, thanks! Ah I might give that a go as well, at the moment I’ve been using a clear mascara to set mine oops!

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      3. Is the clear mascara not doing the job? I only use the Maybelline one because it’s what I have to hand; I use it alone sometimes! πŸ™‚
        And do let me know if you like the Skin Tint if you decide to try it! Beware that it might be too shiny if you have oily skin πŸ™‚ xx


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