New: Garnier Oil Infused Micellar Water | Review

After recently finishing up my second bottle of Garnier’s original Micellar Water, I was visiting Boots to repurchase when I spotted the brand new version which is infused with oil! I was rather intruiged, being drawn in by the ‘NEW’ signs in Boots, and so I decided to pick it up and share my opinions on it with you all.


So, here’s the bottle itself! There’s 400ml in here which is good for £5.99 (although it’s currently on an introductory offer at £3). Garnier claims that it’ll last for 200 uses, however I’m guessing this depends on the number of cotton pads you use!

The selling point for this version is that there’s a layer of oil sitting on top of the regular micellar water, which should ensure that you can use this product to remove waterproof makeup easily and efficiently. Garnier says that it’s ‘non greasy’ and also is nourishing for dry skin, which is the main reason I purchased it.
Anywho, onto my own personal opinions!

To use it, you shake the bottle to temporarily mix the oil and water together and pour a little onto a cotton pad. The first thing I noticed is that it does have a pretty strong perfume to it; slightly floral, so I’m not sure how sensitive skins would fend with this although it is supposedly suitable for that very purpose! I did notice that it stung my eyes a fair bit when using it so whether the scent has something to do with this or not I’m unsure. It did remove all of my makeup with ease. I just held a cotton pad down on each eye for about ten seconds before wiggling it around a bit to remove any other pesky traces of mascara (I have to mention that I don’t use waterproof). I found the original Micellar Water to leave the delicate skin around my eyes feeling slightly stripped and tight, but the oil in this bottle seemed to plump out my skin and it felt healthy and hydrated.


It’s not greasy but it does have a slight slip to it – something I, having dry skin, actually quite enjoy, but if you have oily skin I’d consider that prior to purchasing.

Overall I would say that I like the oil infused water just a tad more than the original, and because of that I will repurchase when I’m done! It leaves my skin feeling more plump and hydrated than the original whilst still having the same great quality of making makeup removable a quick and easy process. Do be aware of the scent and stinging eyes I experienced though if you have extremely sensitive skin!

What’s your favourite cleanser?

El x

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