Pressed VS Loose | MAC Pigments

Although I would say that MAC is most famous for its extravagant lipstick offerings, the brand’s pigments have also been spoken about a fair bit within the beauty blogger community. You can opt for a loose on or one pressed into a pan, and because sometimes there’s similar colours in both formulas it can be difficult to choose between the two.

I thought I’d weigh up the pros and cons of each formula before letting you know which I prefer! Fingers crossed this will help some of you if you’re in the market for a new MAC shadow.

MAC: Pressed Pigment in Black Grape; Loose Pigment in Blue Brown

In my case the pressed and loose pigments are rather different in colour, but the difference in general is formula based so it doesn’t really matter!

I’ll begin with the packaging and prices of each product. I much prefer the way that the pressed pigment comes, just because it’s in a pan – quick and easy to apply and very little mess or risk of spillages… Unlike the loose version! It’s very easy to spill the powder because the cap is completely open once you screw off the lid (ask my carpet, it’s totally covered in sprinkles of this pigment). I’ve also found that it’s rather dusty and I tend to inhale more of it than I actually manage to apply to the lids.

In terms of price, both the loose and the pressed cost Β£16 (my pigment is a travel size which only costs Β£10, but the full size is more pricey). For Β£16 you get 3g of the pressed and 4g of the loose, but do bear in mind that it’s easy to spill the loose version so potentially you could loose that extra gram!

mac pigment

As you can see there is quite a different in the formula. The loose pigment is much creamer and has a more saturated colour. Blue Brown (the loose pigment I own) has a metallic sheen rather than glitter particles, although I do think that some of the other pigments available are a bit more glittery. It’s quite difficult to apply because there’s lots of fallout (throughout the day too) and unless you use a wet brush the sheen blends away quite sheerly. I also find that this creases terribly throughout the day without a primer, and even with a Paint Pot or a Colour Tattoo the colour settles into the creases of my lids. This is the main let down with this product.

The pressed version isn’t as pigmented and has more chunky glitter within it. Although the sheen isn’t totally smooth, it’s still shimmery and beautiful and I love the effect it gives! You do need to build it up a fair bit to get opaque colour, but because of the ease that comes with packing it on with your finger the application process isn’t half as long-winded as the loose version. There also isn’t as much fallout (there is still a small amount when applying but not throughout the day). This formula has much better longevity – it isn’t perfect, but it fades slightly as opposed to creasing which is more subtle and easy to deal with!

Overall I would have to say that I prefer the pressed version of MAC’s pigments, and probably won’t purchase any more loose ones. The formula is easier to use, has better longevity and is overall more travel friendly and less risky for careless people like me πŸ™‚

Which version do you prefer or like the look of most – pressed or loose? Let me know!

El x


6 thoughts on “Pressed VS Loose | MAC Pigments

  1. Awesome post! It’s a great comparison and a detailed review, I personally love both their pressed eyeshadows and pigments.. I find that the pigments bring out the colour much more on the eye.. I usually use these pigments with some fix plus and Wolaa! Love the way it pops so brightly with a mettalic sheen when I use it at the centre on the eyelid to create a three dimensional halo effect for a special occasion or the brides I work on.. My fav pigment from Mac is in the shade “Melon”

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    1. Thank you my lovely! The loose pigments are much more saturated in colour, maybe I’ll look into some different shades. Do you find they crease on you/your clients? I use Fix+ too but they just don’t seem to stick! 😦 xx

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      1. Have you tried using it with a flat brush and gently pack it with a tapping motion on to the centre of the lid without moving it to and fro with the brush, right over the eye primer.. It works quite well with a light hand.. Let me know if it works for you as well Hun πŸ€—

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