Makeup Revolution Radiant Lights Powder in Breathe | Review

As a lover of anything dewy and radiant when it comes to skin, I’ve never been a huge fan of regular mattifying setting powders. They seem to take away any shine I’ve managed to give to my skin, and leave me looking dull and lifeless.

However, this Radiant Lights Powder from Makeup Revolution is the perfect powder I’ve been looking for (at an excellent price!).


The compact itself is quite chunky so it’s not great for travelling, but in my opinion it does seem to give something of a high-end feel which I’m not complaining about! There’s a great mirror on the inside of the lid and the actual powder itself has been sculpted into this beautiful domed shape.

The best thing about this powder has to be the price: at Β£3, I can’t complain! Makeup Revolution has some brilliant products at really affordable prices.

Left: Heavily swatched | Right: Applied with a brush


I hope my swatch does it justice! There are no glitter particles in here whatsoever which is the main reason that it’s so different to other powders. I personally use it in conjunction with a regular setting powder – I’ll apply that first to set everything and dust this on top to give a sheen again. It’s really finely milled and you can’t see it on the skin, althoughΒ I would say that it can make your skin look oddly metallic if you apply too much so refrain from building it.

I like the shade, although it’d probably look better if I had a bit of a tan and wasn’t so ghostly white as it does have a hint of peachy-bronze to it when building. I can still get away with it, but if you’re really fair maybe have a look at some of the paler shades they offer.

Overall I would definitely recommend this powder to anyone who wants a radiant complexion! It’s a great dupe for the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders which are on the more expensive end of the scale. I purchased mine from Superdrug.

Have you tried anything from Makeup Revolution?

El x

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