NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams | Manila & San Paulo

I was so exited when NYX finally came over to the UK and I ended up (on impulse, may I add) buying two of their infamous Soft Matte Lip Creams in Manila and San Paulo. I’ve been wearing them so much lately, so I thought I’d share my thoughts on everything from the price & packaging to the formula!


So here they are! I’ll begin with the price and packaging.

They cost ยฃ5.50 each which is pretty affordable for a drugstore lip product (although the Collection equivalent which you can see here are a tad cheaper at ยฃ2.99). For that price you get 8ml – it’ll last you a while due to the high pigment!

I like the packaging; although nothing snazzy it’s simple and it’s always handy for the tube to be the colour of the actual product inside! They come with a doe foot applicator which I’m actually not overly keen on – it’s got a very rounded tip with no point to it at all, and having quite small lips I do find it hard to give a crisp clean line without the aid of a lip liner.

P1040492nyx soft matte lip cream swatches

nyx soft matte lip creamsThe formula is nothing like I’ve ever tried before really. I’m used to the extremes of textures; either really slippery gloss/creamy lipstick or a complete matte, but these are somewhere in the middle which is great. They’re incredibly pigmented and glide on the lips with ease, although as I mentioned getting a crisp edge can be quite difficult.

San Paulo is definitely my favourite out of the two; colour and formula wise. It’s thicker in consistency while Manila is slightly thinner and I find I need to use a bit more product which can lead to it bunching up a bit on the lips. I also think that the purple berry undertones to San Paulo suit me much more than the orange hue of Manila, but I do think that this one will look gorgeous with a tan!

The formula does cling to dry patches a little bit, but it’s not half as bad as some other matte lip products I’ve tried in the past! The lasting power is brilliant too – I can get a good 3 hours of wear out of them at least, and after that they begin to fade evenly which is unusual as matte products often wear off patchily. It’s also really easy to reapply – there’s no need to remove any remaining product and the finish is even afterwards!

Overall I’m simply obsessed with these lip creams and can’t wait to get my hands on more shades!

Have you tried anything from NYX? Do you have any recommendations for me?

El x

12 thoughts on “NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams | Manila & San Paulo

  1. The matte lipsticks are really nice! I have the shade “butter” (it’s a nudey colour) long lasting, doesn’t come off when I smooch my boyfriend ๐Ÿ™Š and they have a great range of colours in matte! Xxxx

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  2. It’s so weird that the sticker says San Paulo because the name of the lipstick on the NYX site is Sรฃo Paulo (since that’s also the name of the city lol). I have mixed feelings about these lipsticks โ€” one of the colors I have is one of my favorites, the rest I’ve hated. They just don’t apply very pigmented on the lips and for liquid lipsticks, I don’t want to have to wear lip liner for the color to show up.

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    1. That’s so strange, don’t know what’s going on there haha. I haven’t tried any others besides these two shades so I’m yet to find one that I really dislike the formula of – although as I mentioned there’s definitely some differences between the consistency of these two so I can see the range being a bit inconsistent there x


      1. Try Prague if you like berry colors, that’s the one I love! I’ve also tried Monte Carlo, Abu Dhabi, Transylvania and Copenhagen and ended up passing all of them on to someone because I didn’t like them at ALL. xx

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