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Ever since NYX announced that they were coming to the UK, I camped outside my Boots store, purse in hand, just itching to be the first person at the shiny new stand (okay, so maybe I didn’t camp outside, but I sure was eager about getting my hands on some American goodies!). I’ve always heard such great things about NYX as a brand, especially with their lip products, so now I’ve gathered up a wee stash of them I thought I’d go through and share with you all the ones I love and the ones I’m not so keen on.


The first lip products I want to discuss are the Soft Matte Lip Creams. I’ve got two shades; Manila and San Paulo, both of which I’ve reviewed here. The formula of these products is one of my favourite I’ve ever discovered from any brand at all; it looks matte but has a creaminess to it that keeps your lips happy and hydrated! San Paulo is definitely my favourite shade of the two – not only does it suit my skin tone better, it also has a thicker consistency and is much less patchy than Manila. The only thing I’d warn about with these is to beware that the formula could be a little bit thinner than you’re expecting.

The other matte lip formula from NYX that I’ve given a go is the Lingerie Liquid Lipsticks (I have Bedtime Flirt, and here’s my review!), and this is such a different concept but also one that I love just as much. The formula is that bit more drying, but it’s also really light on the lips and lasts for absolutely ages. Eat and drink away with peace of mind – it won’t come off without a fight!

NYX have also got a range of lip glosses going on, and two that I’ve given a go are the Butter Gloss in Apple Strudel and the Mega-Shine Gloss in Beige.
Although the Butter Gloss formula is really popular on blogs and YouTube, I kind of don’t understand this one. The consistency, for me, is thick, bitty and streaky, and I almost feel the need to put it in the microwave to warm it and thin it before use (note: with a good lip product you shouldn’t feel the need to do this ladies!). I just don’t like the way it clings to imperfections on my lips, and being someone who chews on their lip when concentrating, it’s not my favourite gloss formula.

I do however love the Mega-Shine Gloss in Beige, which, may I add, is most certainly not a beige colour – this is a true pink shade! I suppose that this is more of what I hoped the Butter Gloss would be – it’s thick, opaque, really shiny and not sticky in the slightest (recipe for perfect lip gloss anyone?). I reach for this all the time, and I’m definitely going to be investing in some other shades. A huge win for me.


So there’s my run-down on NYX’s lip selection! Avoid the Butter Gloss, be aware that the Soft Matte Lip Creams might be a bit thin, but other than that, they’re affordable and brilliant quality. Go wild!

Have you tried any of NYX’s lip products? Which was your favourite?

El x

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